Online Orton-Gillingham Therapy for Struggling Readers

Giving your child the tools and confidence to become a successful reader. Join us as we pave the way for brighter futures through accessible and impactful Dyslexia Therapy!

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Welcome to Reading Services by Literacy Learn

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We specialize in supporting young students who are facing challenges with reading. Our approach is backed by research and boasts a proven track record of success. We're certified to provide Structured Literacy therapy (Orton-Gillingham) for struggling readers and children with dyslexia, using a convenient online platform in partnership with Lexercise.


We use a research-backed curriculum to administer therapy to students in data-driven weekly lessons, followed by customized daily practice made up of interactive games.


We understand the importance of involving parents in this journey. That's why we emphasize collaboration and communication with parents every step of the way, ensuring they're equipped with the tools and knowledge to support their child's progress.

Our Services

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Basic Therapy

Pre-recorded lessons that follow an online dyslexia curriculum using interactive lessons and daily independent game practice.


  • Flexible, Self-Guided Pace
  • Budget Friendly
  • Access to Gamified Practice
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Professional Therapy

Live, online individualized therapy with customized lessons. Students and parents have access to interactive games and shared activities between lessons to achieve mastery.


  • 1-1 Weekly Interactive Therapy
    Tailored Instruction
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Free Dyslexia Screener

Do you have concerns about a struggling reader? Complete either of the two free screeners to assess the likeliness of your child's dyslexia risks. Knowledge is power!


  • Quick Symptoms Quiz
  • Dyslexia Test

Parent Testimonials

"In just 9 weeks of Lexercise my son has advanced three reading levels and gained confidence in himself." -Sarah

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"My son uses the games as a teaching tool, and my son absolutely enjoys it while learning.... the last three months have been extremely beneficial to my child's development because I am able to see my child's reading improving." -Sheila

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"[My child] has shown great growth with Lexercise and we can't thank Katie enough for her knowledge in helping him be successful." -Dedra

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Katelyn Rigg, M.Ed., SLDI

I'm Katie, co-founder of Reading Services by Literacy Learn.

I'm a passionate teacher and SLDS (Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist) with over 17 years of experience helping struggling readers "crack the code" and achieve independence and success in their reading and writing skills.

Through proven, research-backed interventions, our group of highly qualified, Orton-Gillingham Certified therapists can help your student reach their full potential!

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