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Teaching V/V Words – with Free Printable Word List

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Read all about teaching V/V words, sometimes referred to as “Lion Words.” Learn how to divide these syllables properly for accurate reading and spelling, and get a free printable list with 36 common V/V words!

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Download the printable FREE at the bottom of this post!

All About V/V Words

V/V words are multisyllabic words that follow this specific pattern Vowel-Vowel. In V/V words, the vowels that appear next to one another are NOT part of a noticeable vowel team or vowel digraph.

Since they are not together, they must be treated as separate vowels with different vowel sounds.

🦁 Lion (V/V) Words Rule

If the two vowels next to each other are NOT a vowel team or vowel digraph, divide between the two vowels.

For example: Let’s look at the word lion. When you locate the vowels in the word, you’ll notice that ‘io’ is not a recognizable vowel team.

Therefore, the word qualifies as a V/V words and gets divided between the two vowels making it li/on.

The first syllable is open, with the long i sound. The second syllable is closed, with a short o sound.

Graphic for definition of V/V lion words with rule and examples.
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🤩 Looking for more? Get more detailed information (and more freebies!) about the about the six syllable types and learn all about syllabication.

V/V Words & Examples

We’ve listed 36 common V/V words. In each word, when you divide between the vowels, the first syllable is always open, making the first vowel a long vowel sound.

🖨️ Get the printable versions of this list at the bottom of this post!

📜 Using the Word List

Using this word list is easy since it requires no-prep. Just print and use! The V/V word list is great for:

Students will need lots of practice in order to master this important decoding skill. Learn more about dividing other syllable types and get FREE word lists for targeted practice for:

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Download & Print

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