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128+ Schwa Sound Words: Free Printable Lists

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The ultimate lists of Schwa sound words! Get two printable lists with 128 Schwa Sound words and examples. The lists are organized with words based on the placement of the schwa sound or vowel that makes the schwa sound.

Image with title "Schwa Sound Words" with two printable schwa word lists on peach background.
Download these FREE printable lists at the bottom of this post!

ℹ️ About the Schwa Sound

5 fast facts about Schwa:

  1. It is the most common vowel sound in English.
  2. It makes the short /ŭ/ (‘uh’) or short /ĭ/ (‘ih’) sound.
  3. Every vowel can make the schwa sound: a, e, i, o, & u.
  4. Schwas will only appear in unaccented syllables.
  5. The schwa is represented by an upside down letter e on sound walls or in dictionaries: /ə/.

🤔 Want to know more? Learn everything you need to know about the schwa sound, plus get teaching tips and great visuals to make understanding this vowel sound a breeze!

✍️ Schwa Sound Words

So many words in English include the schwa sound! Just read a sentence or two from a text, and you’re guaranteed to find multiple words with schwas. They’re everywhere!

Below we’ve listed 128 words with schwa sounds and organized them into two different lists.

Schwa Sound Words (organized by the vowel that makes the schwa sound):

This list is organized based on the vowel that makes the schwa sound (1 column for each vowel).

Get the free printable version of this list at the bottom of the post!

Schwa Sound Words (organized by the placement of where the schwa sound occurs):

This list is organized into three columns (by 1st, 2nd, or 2+ syllables) by placement of where the schwa sound occurs with the syllable.

Schwa in 1st SyllableSchwa in 2nd SyllableSchwa in More Than 1 Syllable
Get the printable version of this list at the bottom of the post!
A student highlighting the schwa in each word on a printed word list.

📃 Practice with Schwa Word Lists

These printable pdf worksheets are great for so many things! We’ve also included two versions, one with the schwa underlined and one without it underlined. Since they’re organized differently, you can use them for targeted practice in various ways.

✨ Use as a quick reference for schwa examples when providing direct instruction on the schwa spelling generalization.
✨ Use these lists to dictate words with similar patterns for schwa spelling practice.
✨ Use the unmarked copies for kids to sort. Kids can cut, sort, and paste, then practice reading and rereading for fluency.
✨ Have students highlight the schwa sound in each word, using the unmarked lists. Staple into their phonics notebooks.

📚Educational Focus: These word lists are great to use with 2nd grade and up. They’re great for any students still struggling with reading, pronouncing, or spelling words with schwa sounds.

👉 Related Resources & Word Lists

Get free schwa sound practice worksheets for students to practice reading, identifying, and spelling words with schwa!

Check out our free printable Long Vowel Lists, with words organized by every spelling of long vowel sounds:

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Purple graphic showing worksheets of phonics word lists and a computer with phonics Google slides.
Grab this amazing Phonics Word List Resource now!
Image with title "Schwa Sound Words" with two printable schwa word lists on peach background.

🖨️ Download & Print

We hope you can use many of the words on this list as you teach the schwa sound. Please comment below or tag us on Instagram @Literacylearn to tell us your best tips for teaching schwa.

Schwa Word Lists

Schwa Word Lists

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  1. I love your materials! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I have used your lists to tutor students with dyslexia.

    1. Jill,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We try our best to create resources that help your instruction and benefit kids! That’s what it’s all about 😉
      Katie and Laura

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