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80+ Closed Syllable Words & Word List: Free Printable

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This FREE closed syllable word list includes 80 words and examples of closed syllables organized in an easy-to-read chart. The chart includes all one-syllable words listed by short vowels, a, e, i, o, and u. This printable list is great for reading, dictation, coding, and independent practice as students learn all about closed syllables!

Image with closed syllables list centered with pencil graphics on the left and right.

About Closed Syllables

Closed Syllable Definition- A closed syllable is a syllable that ends in a consonant. The vowel will always be a short vowel when it is closed in by a consonant.

CVC words are perfect examples of closed syllables! And because students begin reading CVC words in Kindergarten, closed syllables should be the first syllable type to teach. When you teach closed syllables, you take an already learned concept and build upon it. So you explain why the CVC words they can read have short vowel sounds. Understanding the “why” in reading is a powerful tool to provide to children!

📚 Educational Focus: If your students can read and blend CVC words, you can begin teaching about closed syllables. This usually happens closer to the end of kindergarten, and it should be included within the first-grade curriculum, followed by open, VCe, and vowel team syllables.

Closed Syllable Words & Examples


These same word lists are also listed as a free pdf below to make printing easy! Want 4 two-syllable list? Check out our printable VC/CV lists!

Practice Ideas

Photo of the closed syllable word list and pencil with a student pointing at words.

There are tons of great ways to use this word list so kids can get lots of practice with closed syllable words!

  1. Fluency practice. Children can read/reread the words on this list. Use a timer for extra motivation!
  2. Keep the list near your small group reading table, and pull it out when it’s time for word dictation. You can provide kids with Elkonin boxes or spelling sheets to assist them in listening for the sounds in the words.
  3. Trim and staple in students’ phonics notebooks for repeated practice.
  4. Send a copy home so parents can practice reading these words with their children. This helps them know how to support learning at home!
  5. Create your own sorts using the words. Children can cut out the words, sort them according to short vowel sounds, and then glue them into their notebooks.

Coding Closed Syllable Words

Use the words on this list to teach coding, or marking up, closed syllables. Here’s a helpful procedure

  1. Find the vowel and mark it with a v.
  2. Find the consonant that ‘closes in’ the vowel and mark it with a c.
  3. Swoop or underline the syllable, marking with a ‘C’ for closed.
  4. Use a breve mark (˘)  to show the short vowel sound. This will tell the student what sound their mouth should make when they get to that letter when reading the word.
  5. Finger tap the individual sounds, and then blend the sounds together to read the word.
Words "hot" "cup" coded for vowels/consonants with breve marks above the vowel.

Students will need lots of practice with closed syllables since they are the most basic syllable type. Be sure to also use nonsense words as well, since many bigger words will include nonsense syllables. Repeated practice and activities are great!

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Image of closed syllables list, large text at top and bottom, and pencil graphics.

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