80+ CVC Words with Pictures & Printable Worksheets

This is the ultimate list of 80+ CVC words with pictures, organized into word families by middle letter short vowel sound!

This free printable cvc word list with pictures and 7 word matching worksheets help early readers practice important skills: Decoding and reading simple three letter words using memorized letter sounds and visual cues.

We put together eight pages in this pdf in total: One printable page as a master list of the most common CVC words with pictures AND seven printable pages of picture and word matching worksheets. Get the pdfs below (We also have free printable CVC flashcards for more practice!).

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✍️ What’s a CVC word?

CVC stands for Consonant Vowel Consonant, so a CVC word is a three letter word that follows this pattern.

The word ‘cat’ is a great example of a CVC word. When you spell the word cat, first comes a consonant (c), then a short vowel (a), then another consonant (t).

With CVC words, the focus is solely on decoding letter sounds. And CVC words are perfect words for early readers because they can be decoded very easily. That’s why CVC words are often used to teach closed syllables, too!

πŸ“š Why are CVC words important?

CVC words are essential because they allow children to move from phonemic awareness (the first building block of reading) on to phonics (the second building block of reading).

Research shows that children benefit from have ample opportunities to use their decoding skills on simple words as they learn to read.

As soon as children know just a few letters and vowels, reading CVC words should begin. This typically happens within the first few months of kindergarten, but it should be practiced throughout kindergarten and the beginning of first grade.

Children begin to understand that letters are not isolated sounds, but instead are put together to build words. There is nothing like watching a child begin to practice this skill and find such satisfaction in their achievement as they make sense of letters and sounds and decode words on their own!

Children practice blending three letter sounds together in a simple way, without having to remember digraphs or recall irregular sight words. As children read CVC words, it helps solidify their recall for consonant and short vowel sounds.

We put together a list of CVC words with pictures for practice and dictating words to students, plus a CVC matching game. Together, these worksheets help children learn and practice CVC words.

🏫 Educational Focus

Age Group: The c v c word list and worksheets are great for Kindergarten – First Grade!

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πŸ“ Using The Worksheets

CVC Word List with Pictures

This is a comprehensive printable list of the most common c v c words, separated into word families by the short vowel sound. This page was designed with two purposes in mind, one for students and one for teachers!

  1. Children can use the word list to practice, using the picture beside each word as a helpful hint.
  2. Teachers can use this page for dictation!

CVC Words and Pictures Matching (7 pages)

The first five printable worksheets are separated by short vowel sound. This way, once you introduce a particular vowel to your child, you can use that worksheet to firm up the vowel sound and practice the skill of blending.


  • /a/ cvc words: cat, fan, ham, sad.
  • /e/ cvc words: jet, ten, pen, fed.
  • /i/ cvc words: bin, sit, wig, pit.
  • /o/ cvc words: mom, cop, hog, bot.
  • /u/ cvc words: cup, bun, bug, cut.

Just a heads up, /e/ and /i/ are the usually the most difficult for kids to hear, so you may want to spend some extra time on these sounds. You may want to use word-picture association cards or keywords for these tricky sounds (a – apple, e – elephant, i – igloo, o – octopus, u – umbrella.)

Once all short vowels have been introduced, use the 2 Mixed Vowel Worksheets so students can practice differentiating between short vowel sounds in CVC words.

These worksheets can easily be used for independent or small group work. Because cutting and gluing is required, they help build fine motor skills too!

Do you have questions for us? Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you asap!

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  1. This is a comprehensive list of CVC words! And the pics are great! Lots of times worksheets have pictures that even I can’t figure out what they are. Thanks a bunch.

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