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All About My Dad Printables (+ Grandpa & Special Person)

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Celebrate your special person on Father’s Day with these free printable pdfs! They guide children to share all about dad in their own words and draw a picture! Use them in the classroom or at home!

Pinterest graphic showing the "about my dad" and "my dad and me" worksheets.

Why We Love It

These two free printables are fun and engaging classroom or at-home activities to celebrate Father’s Day.

Children will answer questions on the “All About my Dad” printable page, then draw a picture of the two of them together on the “My Dad and Me” page. It makes a fun gift to give!

πŸ‘‰ Because not all the people we celebrate on Father’s Day are dads, we included options to share all about Grandpa and any other special person in a child’s life, too.

Students can learn and practice their writing skills, and they get to choose who they’re celebrating this Father’s Day!

πŸ‘” Father’s Day Info

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dads, grandpas, and the special men in our lives who love children. Although the origins of Father’s Day in America date back to 1924, it wasn’t until 1971 that it became a federal holiday.

And now, every year on the third Sunday of June, families come together to celebrate Father’s Day.

Two completed All About My Dad printable worksheets with markers.
Get the printables with options for Dad, Grandpa, and Special Person below!

πŸ“ The Worksheets

As teachers and parents, we want to use this opportunity to celebrate and practice literacy skills. So we put together two All about My Dad printables that double as fun homemade gifts to give!

On the “All About My Dad” page, students will answer questions about their dad’s name, job, favorite things, and more. On the “My Dad and Me” page, students can draw a self portrait together with their dad.

Students will practice forming sentences, writing words and sentences, and drawing pictures.

Older students can take turns verbally sharing with their classmates about their dad, grandpa, or special person.

For younger children, dictate the questions and write in their verbal responses. Older children can complete these worksheets independently.

πŸ§’ Age Group: These worksheets are appropriate for children pre-k, Kindergarten, First grade and second grade.

All the Father's day printables on a blue background with a graphic of a trophy.

πŸ‘‰ Download and Print

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  1. Thank you Katie & Laura for the free Worksheet activities. It’s a big help! God bless you both.

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