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105+ CVC Word Families – List & Free Anchor Chart

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A list of over 105 CVC words grouped into CVC Word Families, organized by the same middle vowel and ending consonant. Get the free printable anchor chart to use for classroom or individual reading practice!

Graphic with the CVC Word Families anchor chart on a pink background.

CVC Word Families

CVC word families are groups of words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern and contain the same ending part of the word (so the same middle vowel and final letter). Essentially, they’re groups of CVC words that rhyme!

Teaching word families helps to develop an awareness of onset-rime within syllables. Onset refers to the first consonant sound that comes before the vowel. Rime refers to the group of letters that follow, starting with the vowel and any following consonants.

👉 Example: In the word pat, p is the onset, and -at is the rime.

Grouping words in this way helps strengthen onset-rime awareness, an important phonological awareness skill. This helps the brain make connections between letters and sounds, and leads to expansion of sight word vocabulary and builds automaticity.

Using the Chart

Print the chart and use it for group practice. Start by pointing to one word family, then the first word in that group.

For each word on each list, say out loud, “If I can read [word family], then I can read [word]. Then repeat, moving on to the next word on the list.

This might seem repetitive, but it builds an awareness of common word parts. And that’s an empowering skill for kids to learn!

They quickly realize that if they can read -at, they can now read bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, and sat.

Dr. Louisa Moats, in her book Speech to Print, provides a great multisensory activity for onset-rime division using felt squares.

Teacher says: “Let’s say some words in parts. I’ll say the whole word. Then you say the whole word and then divide it into two parts. Touch a syllable square [colored felt square] for each part, like this.” [Model the technique first.]

c-ar sh-ip w-ave p-ie sk-at d-esk

(2020, p. 83)
A printed CVC word family anchor chart.

Word Families

Short a CVC Words

-at words: bat, cat, mat, hat, rat.
-ag words: rag, bag, tag, wag, zag.
-an words: can, pan, man, fan, ran, van.
-ap words: cap, nap, map, gap, tap, rap, lap, zap, sap.
-am words: jam, ham, ram, Pam, Sam.
-ab words: cab, lab, tab, nab, gab.
-ad words: mad, sad, dad, pad, lad, fad, tad.

Short e CVC Words

-et words: net, wet, pet, jet, vet, let, met, set, get.
-en words: hen, pen, ten, men, Ken, den, yen, Ben.
-eg words: leg, peg, beg, Meg.
-ed words: red, bed, wed, fed, led.

Short i CVC Words

-ig words: pig, wig, dig, fig, big, jig, rig.
-ip words: rip, lip, zip, sip, tip, dip.
-in words: pin, win, fin, tin, bin.
-it words: pit, hit, sit, bit, fit, zit, mit, kit.
-ix words: six, fix, mix.
-im words: rim, him, dim, Kim, Tim.

Short o CVC Words

-og words: dog, hog, log, fog, bog.
-ot words: hot, pot, cot, bot, dot, lot, rot, not.
-op words: cop, mop, top, pop, hop.
-ob words: job, rob, mob, sob, Bob.

Short u CVC Words

-ug words: mug, hug, bug, tug, rug, lug, pug, dug.
-un words: sun, fun, run, bun, pun.
-ut words: nut, cut, hut, but, rut, but.
-ub words: sub, tub, cub, rub, hub.

Pinterest graphic with close up of the CVC word families anchor chart.

Printable Anchor Chart

Get our FREE anchor chart by downloading the attachment here. It’s fun and colorful! It’s sized for enlarged 18 x 24 inch sized poster printing. It can also be printed on traditional 8.5 x 11 paper for individual practice.

👉 Get 12 pages of matching CVC Word Centers worksheets from our TPT store! Students practice onset-rime in a fun and multisensory way with our exhaustive list of CVC words!

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