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CVC Build a Word Puzzles – Free Printables

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Get 10 FREE CVC Word Building Puzzles! These build-a-word printable puzzles are an engaging, mulit-sensory activity for young readers to practice short vowel sounds, initial sounds, and final letter sounds!

Graphic with 10 free printable CVC puzzles with colorful pictures.
Download the free printables at the bottom of this post!

🧩 Why We Love It

There are so many reasons to love these FREE CVC word puzzle printables! They are an engaging, multi-sensory activity to help young readers practice encoding.

  • Students build a CVC word as they solve the puzzle.
  • There are two words for each short vowel, 10 in total.
  • This CVC word game can be played independently or in groups!
  • Students will practice initial and final sounds as well as short vowels.

CVC are usually the first words young readers learn to read. Depending on their level, students can start with just one or two puzzles at a time, or they can be given all ten to build.

👉 Use this resource in conjunction with our Picture Labeling and Encoding worksheets!

All 10 CVC Word puzzles with pictures.
Download these 10 FREE puzzles at the bottom of the post!

📝 The Puzzle Words

  • Short a: sad, cat.
  • Short e: leg, bed.
  • Short i: fin, zip.
  • Short o: mop, log.
  • Short u: tub, sun.

👉 All of the letters and tapping circles below the letters are in black. This is purposeful, because it forces students to focus on the letter sounds rather than a pattern of colors!

TPT graphic showing the upgraded paid version of this resource with 40 CVC word puzzles.
☝️ Get the upgraded puzzle resource with 40 CVC word puzzles, including digraph practice!

ℹ️ Expert Tips & Info

  • Get the complete set of 40 CVC word puzzles, including words with digraphs!
  • The puzzles can be print on standard 8.5×11 inch paper, but they can be also printed on enlarged paper. We highly recommend laminating the puzzles for extended use.
  • Give students puzzles with just one middle vowel at a time as they are learning them.
  • Once students know all the short vowels, give the students one page of puzzles together! There are no repeated letters on each page, so students are challenged to make sure all the words are spelled correctly.

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🖨️ Download & Print

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