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CVC Words Board Game – Free Printable

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This CVC Words Board Game is a super fun way to gamify and practice CVC words! The game has simple instructions and short vowel rules so students can play and learn independently. Download and print it for FREE below, then grab a dice, then roll and read!

Why We Love It

CVC words are words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern. CVC words are also called closed-syllable words, because the vowel is closed in by an ending consonant.

They’re some of the earliest words children learn to decode, once they’ve learned short vowel sounds and beginning and final letter sounds.

The National Center on Improving Literacy (2018) states that “[s]tudents should begin learning to read by producing the individual sounds in words and blending the sounds together quickly to produce the whole word with simple CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) before progressing to more complex word types that follow other important phonics rules.”

That’s why we recommend practicing CVC words often and in varied ways! Be sure to grab our CVC Flashcards, CVC Words with Pictures, and CVC Sentences resources for more practice!

A child's hand moving a game piece on the CVC Words Board Game.

This free printable Board Game contains CVC words with all five middle vowels, so it helps students practice all the short vowel sounds while mastering the alphabetic principle.

Kids get to match the letters with their sounds in order to read real words!

There are 21 CVC words on the board:

  • Short a: hat, pal, mat, ran, pad.
  • Short e: pen, jet, hen, get.
  • Short i: dip, lip, pin, fin.
  • Short o: top, rod, fox, got.
  • Short u : hut, rug, pun, pug.

How to Play

The board game has very simple to follow instructions. Students take turns rolling a dice, then move their game piece to the correct square.

Depending on where they land, they may get to move forward or be sent back!

But if they land on a word, they must read each letter sound out loud, then read the entire word out loud.

The first person to reach the finish line is the winner!

By the time the game is over, students will have read many or most of the words on the board out loud, and they’ve also followed along as they watched and heard their partner read words. This is very helpful for auditory learners!

Tips & Info

  • The board game can be printed on standard 8.5×11 paper, but it can also be enlarged!
  • We recommend laminating the board game or placing it a in plastic sleeve for extended use.

More CVC Resources

🎲👉 Our 14 CVC Board Games resource will keep the game (and learning!) going! Get 14 game boards devoted to individual short vowels, mixed vowels, and nonsense words. Nonsense words (also known as pseudowords) are SO important to ensure kids are noticing how patterns in words affect the sounds the letters make.

Pinterest graphic with the CVC Words Board game and a dice.

Download & Print

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