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Valentine’s Day Word Mapping Worksheets – Free Printables

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day while learning and practicing spelling with these free printable Word Mapping Worksheets! Students will practice orthographic mapping 3, 4, and 5 phoneme words on worksheets featuring hearts, mailboxes, and valentines.

Graphic with 3 Valentine's day themed word mapping worksheets on a pink heart background.

💗 Why It Works

Phoneme-grapheme mapping using Elkonin Boxes helps to build important literacy skills like phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondences, and spelling.

We absolutely love to make this research-based practice extra fun by celebrating and incorporating the seasons!

That’s why we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter themed word mapping worksheets. And now, we’ve got Valentine’s Day, featuring hearts, valentines, and mailboxes!

This is an Orton-Gillingham and Science of Reading-aligned resource that works with all levels of beginning readers! It can grow with them as they learn more and advance in their skills and knowledge.

👉 Use these worksheets with our CVC words list, R-Controlled Vowel words list, or practice these Valentine’s Day Words:

  • 3 Phonemes: Fun, Hug, Kiss, Heart, Card.
  • 4 Phonemes: Sweet, Gift, Treat, Happy, Arrow.
  • 5 Phonemes: Cupid, Candy, Friend.
The printed and colored Valentine's Day Spelling Worksheets with crayons.

✏️ Expert Tips & Info

  • Make it multisensory by placing candy hearts, chocolate kisses, pink play dough, red checkers, or any other fun Valentine’s Day themed items on the phonemes. You can also have students point to each phoneme with fancy fake nails!
  • For extended use, laminate the worksheets or place them in plastic sleeves, then use dry-erase markers.
  • For more orthographic mapping practice, check out our Sound Boxes bundle of multisensory resources.

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Pinterest graphic with 3 Valentine's Day Word Mapping Worksheets on a pink background.

Download & Print

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  1. Thank you so much for these!! I use them when we practice orthographic mapping for our Most Common Words (High Frequency Words) and it makes it a lot of fun for the kids!!

  2. Absolutely love your business that helps my struggling first grader with many phonemic awareness issues. Multisensory is the way to meaningful lessons. I appreciate your creativity.

    1. Hi Liane,
      It’s our mission to help ALL kids …and teachers too! Thank you for your kind feedback. We hope your first graders gain the necessary skills needed to be successful, all while having multisensory and holiday-themed fun!
      Katie and Laura

  3. I used the spelling “heart” page and the kiddos loved it. It was a great way to reinforce the use of sound boxes in a fun and cute way!

    1. Becky,
      We’re so glad your students had fun while engaging in a meaningful holiday activity! Thanks for sharing about the experience.
      Katie and Laura

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