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3 Free Thanksgiving Word Mapping Worksheets

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Get these 3 free Thanksgiving-themed word mapping worksheets for practicing 3, 4, and 5 phoneme-grapheme mapping! Each fun worksheet features seasonal imagery, including pumpkins, acorns, and a Pilgrim’s hat.

Graphic with three thanksgiving spelling worksheets on an orange background.

Why We Love It

We love celebrating the seasons! Our Thanksgiving-Themed Acrostic Poem, Color-By-Sight-Word, and Activity Placemats printables are classroom favorites, and now we’re coming in hot with these Thanksgiving Word Mapping Worksheets.

They’re both engaging AND effective for young readers and writers to practice orthographic mapping, phoneme segmentation, and blending.

There are three printables, so you can use these with students practicing phonics skills including cvc words, blends, digraphs, Magic e, and more! Students write each phoneme inside the seasonal graphic:

  • 3 Phonemes: Pumpkins
  • 4 Phonemes: Acorns
  • 5 Phonemes: Pilgrim’s Hats

You can use these alongside our Thanksgiving Fluency Turkeys to help students master new or tricky phonics skills!

A child's hands writing words the 4 phoneme word mapping worksheet.

Using the Worksheets

Orthographic mapping is a research-based process by which words become stored as automatic sight words. Follow this procedure below for effective word mapping:

  1. The teacher dictates a word with the phonics skill the student is working on.
  2. The child repeats the word, then taps the graphic (pumpkin, acorn, or hat) as they say each phoneme in the word out loud. You can make this step multisensory by using play doh, coins, colored markers, etc.
  3. The student picks up his or her pencil and writes each grapheme in its space.
  4. The student checks each sound, ensuring every sound is represented with the grapheme.
  5. Last, the student rewrites the word on the line provided, using proper letter formation.

This procedure follows current best practices for Simultaneous Oral Spelling (SOS), which has been shown by research to be highly effective for teaching spelling to all student populations, including kids with dyslexia or other reading disabilities!

👉 Looking for words to dictate? Check out our CVC Words List, Silent E Words List, and Digraphs Words Lists!

A child's hands writing words on the 3 phoneme word pumpkin mapping worksheet.

Expert Tips & Info

  • For extended use, place the worksheets in plastic sleeves & write with dry erase markers.
  • For extra fun, have the students color in each graphic!

More Word Mapping Resources

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Pinterest graphic with collage of the 3 Thanksgiving spelling worksheets.

Download & Print

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