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161 Consonant Digraph Words and Examples – Free Printables

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Here are 8 comprehensive lists of words with consonant digraphs, including examples with digraphs SH, TH, CH, WH, CK, and PH. These FREE printable pdfs are arranged by digraph in easy-to-read and organized lists for a variety of uses!

A bright image displaying all 8 consonant digraph worksheets.

Digraph Definition

Simply put, a digraph is two letters that represent one sound. More often it’s called a consonant digraph, and this refers more specifically to two consonants that represent one sound.

Some digraphs can make more than one sound! For example, consonant digraph CH can make 3 sounds:

  • CH = /ch/ like church
  • CH = /k/ like in school
  • CH = /sh/ like in machine

For the purpose of these lists, we focused on the most common sound of each digraph. We included both the voiced and unvoiced sounds of digraph TH, since both sounds are equally prevalent in English words.

👉 Why is it important to teach digraphs? Because so many words include consonant digraphs, children need to be able to quickly and easily recognize the digraphs as one sound.

This takes practice, but it’s a skill that will help them to become more successful and fluent readers!

A child's hands writing a word on a worksheet with the digraph list beside it.

There are so many ways to use these handy digraph word lists! One of our favorite is to use Elkonin Box worksheets (pictured above) to practice orthographic mapping words with digraphs.

👉 Keep reading for suggestions of some of our favorite ways to use these printables… the possibilities are endless!

Collage of 8 images of printed consonant digraph lists.

Examples of Words with Digraphs

Digraphs can be found at the beginning, middle, and end of words! We put together lists of 20 words for each of the 6 consonant digraphs.

SH Words – /sh/

  • shut
  • shore
  • dash
  • shirt
  • brush
  • wash
  • shadow
  • shed
  • shock
  • she
  • shell
  • sheet
  • flash
  • shade
  • rush
  • shelf
  • crash
  • bush
  • dish
  • trash
  • shed
  • show
  • fish
  • short
  • wish
  • ship
  • shout
  • English
  • finish

CH Words – /ch/

  • which
  • each
  • much
  • such
  • children
  • reach
  • child
  • china
  • branch
  • coach
  • teacher
  • lunch
  • rich
  • chance
  • chair
  • touch
  • beach
  • inch
  • chick
  • chain
  • French
  • church
  • check
  • choose
  • chapter
  • pinch
  • chap
  • chocolate
  • bench
  • cheese

TH Words (voiced) – /th/

  • the
  • that
  • they
  • this
  • there
  • then
  • them
  • other
  • their
  • these

TH Words (unvoiced) – /th/

  • with
  • thing
  • think
  • through
  • thought
  • three
  • both
  • earth
  • north
  • month

WH Words – /wh/

  • why
  • which
  • when
  • what
  • where
  • while
  • white
  • what
  • wheel
  • everywhere
  • whisper
  • wheat
  • whale
  • whistle
  • whip
  • whisker
  • whatever
  • whiz
  • whirl
  • whim

CK Words – /k/

Note: -ck will always be used at the end of a root word following a short vowel.

  • back
  • quick
  • rock
  • sack
  • black
  • sick
  • pick
  • truck
  • stick
  • thick
  • luck
  • jack
  • neck
  • check
  • check
  • duck
  • deck
  • pocket
  • clock
  • track
  • block

PH Words – /f/

  • phone
  • graph
  • elephant
  • Ralph
  • phrase
  • Phil
  • photo
  • dolphin
  • sphere
  • orphan
  • phase
  • Sophie
  • physics
  • trophy
  • nephew
  • prophet
  • alpha
  • alphabet
  • phantom
  • paragraph
The TH digraph list cut into separate blocks and glued into a notebook.

Ways to Use Digraph Lists

Use the 8 printable lists in a variety of ways:

  • The list with digraph TH includes both the voiced and unvoiced sounds of TH. Have students cut and sort according to the sound of TH (pictured above!).
  • Print and use as a quick and easy reference for word dictation. Students can use Elkonin Boxes to practice orthographic mapping words with digraphs.
  • Place the lists in resuable sleeves, and have students read and re-read the lists for fluency practice.
  • Keep the lists near your reading table and use them for targeted practice when working on phonics.
  • Have students find and identify the consonant digraph within each word. Highlighter tape works great for this (pictured below!).

Tips & Info

👉 These lists were designed for kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students.

👉 Make sure you only use words from the lists that follow phonics concepts you’ve already taught to your students! For example, if you haven’t taught magic e, don’t use the word ‘shine.’

Pinterest graphic with 8 lists of consonant digraph words.

Download & Print

We’d love to hear about and see pictures of your experience with these worksheets!
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Consonant Digraph TH Word List 63.07 KB 7528 downloads

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Consonant Digraph SH Word Lists 19.07 KB 4084 downloads

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Consonant Digraphs WH Word List 12.96 KB 3919 downloads

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Consonant Digraph CK Word List 13.49 KB 3713 downloads

Get an organized and easy-to-read list of words with consonant digraph CK. Subscribe...

Consonant Digraph CH Word Lists 13.65 KB 3230 downloads

Get 2 lists of organized and easy-to-read words with consonant digraph CH. Subscribe...

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