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7 FREE CH Worksheets for Digraph Learning

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These 7 free printable digraph ch practice worksheets will help teach children all about the digraph ch. Students will practice making the /ch/ sound, identifying words that contain the /ch/ sound, tracing, writing, and more, using all the different pdf worksheets!

Graphic with 7 CH Worksheets on a wood background with crayons and scissors.
Scroll to the bottom of this post to download the worksheets FREE!

What Is a Digraph?

A digraph is just a fancy name for two letters that make one new sound. The ones you’ll see most often are sh, th, wh, and of course, ch, which is what we’re talking about today.

Why Are Digraphs Important?

Digraphs are important building blocks for early literacy!

Digraphs build on other important early literacy concepts like learning closed syllables and cvc words, so that students can begin reading longer, more complex words.

A child using a sound box worksheet to map the word "chimp."
For practice orthographic mapping words with digraphs, get our multi-sensory sound boxes (pictured above).

Students will need repeated exposures in order to master the concept of digraphs and for each digraph they learn.

Use our digraph word lists for dictation, spelling, and sorting, and our Read-and-Spell Flower activity for more practice!

It’s important to teach the ch digraph while touching on the sh digraph, so that children can learn to differentiate the letters and distinguish the sounds. These worksheets include practice exercises to assist with that concept.

Printable Digraph CH Worksheets

We’re sharing 7 printable worksheets to help you introduce students to the digraph ch. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Scroll to the “Download & Print” section to download the worksheets for free!

A CH tracing practice worksheet with writing lines for tracing and writing.

Tracing Practice: Children will practice tracing and writing the digraph ch, using proper letter formation.

A printed coloring sheet with pictures that begin with ch, including chicken, chair, and cheese.

CH Word Coloring: Children will find and color the pictures that begin with the ch sound, practicing their auditory discrimination skills. Beside each picture is the written word with the digraph ch underlined.

The printed CH matching and Cut and Paste train worksheet with crayons and scissor.

CH Matching: Children will match the ch to the word that begins with the proper sound, combining visual discrimination and auditory discrimination.

Choo Choo CH words: Easy to identify pictures that begin with the ch sound will be cut out and pasted on the train cars.

The printed Cherry picking worksheet and CH digraph hunt worksheet with scissors and glue stick.

Digraph Hunt: Children will find the c and h together among other digraphs, practicing visual discrimination.

Cherry Picking: Find cherries with the ch digraph written on them, then cut out and paste the cherries in a dish.

The printed CH or SH worksheet on a blue background.

CH or SH Word Mapping: This worksheet focuses on distinguishing the ch and sh sounds, for auditory discrimination practice. Students will need to listen to the word, determine which digraph is needed for the word, then write the digraph in the Elkonin box to make the word.

Educational Focus

  • Children will learn about the ch sound, recognize words that contain the digraph, and differentiate it from sh.
  • Children will practice tracing and writing the letters.
  • These worksheets are suitable for Kindergarten and Grade 1.
Graphic showing the pages of a Digraph CH booklet on a blue background.
Get our Digraph CH Book for more Science of Reading aligned practice!

Download & Print

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  1. hi I am still trying I love and appreciate the things that you share but I press the blue Download Rectangular button and nothing happens please help

    1. Hi Renee, does a download icon appear at the top righthand corner of your browser (it looks like an arrow inside a circle)? Once you click the download button, there should be a copy saved to your computer. You can also go into your files and search for the item you downloaded. If that doesn’t work, and you’re on your work/school computer, there may be a block in place. You may want to try from a different computer. Let us know if you need further help – send us an email! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Jacob,
      We’re happy to hear the worksheet is useful! We hope it helps your students learn and grow in their understanding of digraphs!
      Katie and Laura

  2. Just wondering what are the CH words for the Choo choo CH words. I know chair, church and chick but you have 4 train cars. What is the 4th word?

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