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Counting Syllables Clapping Worksheets

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These three printable counting syllables worksheets help children understand what a syllable is, then it helps them practice identifying, clapping, and counting syllables in common words. Download the free pdf below!

Three counting syllables worksheets on a purple background with the words "3 Clap and Count Syllable Worksheets."

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What is a syllable?

Understanding syllables is an important part of literacy. These worksheets helps children practice separating and counting syllables within a word. But what exactly is a syllable, and how we do explain the concept to children?

A syllable is a single part of a word that contains a vowel sound. Most of the time, it also contains consonants, but not always, so listen for the vowel sounds and you’ll be able to distinguish the syllables.

Us teachers usually refer to a syllable as the “beat” of a word, so the word banana contains three beats or vowel sounds: ba, na, and na. Bus has only one vowel sound or syllable. The easiest way to demonstrate and explain the concept of syllables to children is to say a word, and clap or tap your foot during each vowel sound.

When a child claps and counts each word, it helps reinforce their understanding of syllables. These worksheets are a great aid to allow children to practice saying and counting the syllables in each word. Download the pdfs below! And if you’re looking for more practice for your child, Dr. Seuss books are great, too!

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Educational Focus

  • Children will name an easy to identify picture, and clap through each syllable as they say it out loud.
  • Children will practice counting syllables in words with easy to identify pictures.

Age Group

  • Use these printable pdf syllable worksheets for children in Kindergarten and First grade.

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Download Counting Syllables Worksheets

Three pages of the printable clap counting syllables worksheets.


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