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3 Free Letter Tracing Worksheets A-Z (Printables)

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Students practice writing the alphabet as they trace the letters A-Z using these three free printable pdf worksheets! One worksheet includes both capital and lowercase letters next to one another, and the other two are organized to help kids practice either lowercase or capital letters for tracing and independent letter formation practice.

Graphic with three alphabet tracing worksheets on a colorful alphabet background.

Alphabet Tracing

Tracing the alphabet is a great way for students to begin recognizing and forming letters.

These worksheets include every letter from a-z and include both uppercase and lowercase print letters. Each letter includes a starting dot as a visual reminder so kids know where to begin each letter.

Students will trace and write each letter multiple times. Muscle memory should begin to kick in, and students can complete the letter formation using the dotted lines to guide them.

There are so many benefits of using these worksheets! They encourage and support:

  • Capital and lowercase letter recognition
  • Proper letter formation
  • Pencil control & fine motor skills
  • Independence & confidence

🌈 For more alphabet practice, use our printable alphabet arcs!

Three completed letter tracing worksheets with a pencil.

Using the Worksheets

Age Group: These worksheets are developmentally appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students.

👉 Remember, explicit handwriting instruction along with proper letter formation should be taught to all children. If you’re looking for a great curriculum, my favorite is Handwriting Without Tears.

  • Use these worksheets by projecting them on your document camera. Your students can follow along as you model proper letter formation, saying the letter name and sound while tracing.
  • Once they have enough practice with correct letter formation, they can begin using the worksheets independently.

Tips & Info

♻️ Reuse
Put in a reusable sleeve for children to practice again and again!

🎨 Color
Use colored pencils to trace letters. Then deepen the activity and challenge your students, and ask them to trace consonants using one color and vowels using another color.

👀 Multisensory
Have students say the letter name and sound as they trace each letter. For example, “A says /ă/” as they trace the letter a.

Saying the letter allows two more senses to be engaged during the writing process (hearing & speaking) which makes this a multi-sensory experience.

📖 Concept of Word
Once completed, have students sing their ABCs while touching each letter. This helps build 1-1 and concept of word.

Note: This will definitely get tricky around the letters l, m, n, o, p (or “elemeno-pee” as my students like to say). So make sure you model how they need to slow down and really concentrate on saying the one letter at a time as they touch. Every letter they say should match the letter they see and touch.

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Pinterest graphic with three alphabet tracing worksheets on a colorful background.

Download & Print

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