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ABC Chart: Free Printable Poster

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This ABC chart features letters A-Z with capital and lowercase letters, bright matching pictures, and keywords included to help kids learn letters and letter sounds. Get your FREE printable, and make learning letters and sounds fun and easy in this one-stop download!

A large ABC chart with letters A-Z, pictures, and keywords on a blue background.

🔤 Why We Love It

Every child needs a visual ABC chart, whether in a classroom or at home. Having a chart as an anchor is a helpful tool for kids as they learn their letters and letter sounds.

This chart can be printed as big or as small as you’d like! You can enlarge it to hang on a wall or make it small enough to glue to a child’s notebook. Better yet, do both!

👉 Just be sure the chart is within clear view so that children can reference the alphabet often and have it handy whenever they need it.

A child's notebook with the printed ABC chart inside.

What’s Included

There are a few important elements included on the chart: letters, pictures, and keywords.


Capital and lowercase letters are included so children can become familiar with both and learn to match them together. Consonants are written in black font, and vowels are in red font.
👉 Note: The vowels included are short vowel sounds only.


A bright picture is also included, which is used as an anchor in their memory and helps kids to hear the sounds the letters make at the beginning of each word.


Keywords are included for an important reason. Even when students can’t read, the pictures help them to understand the connection between written text and meaning. When a child sees a picture of a ring and sees the word ‘ring’ written beneath it, they begin to understand that written words convey meaning.

We’ve intentionally chosen keywords that have the letter sound at the beginning of the word (except for letter x), helping kids to hear and practice beginning letter sounds.

🧑‍🏫 Using the ABC Chart

Children should point to each letter on the chart and repeat this sequence by saying the letter, keyword, and sound. Teachers and parents should model this often!

  • A a – Apple – /ă/
  • B b – Bat – /b/
  • C c – Cat – /k/
  • D d – Dog – /d/
  • E e – Elephant – /ĕ/
  • F f – Fish – /f/
  • G g – Gorilla – /g/
  • H h – Hat – /h/
  • I i – Igloo – /ĭ/
  • J j – Jellyfish – /j/
  • K k – Kite – /k/
  • L l – Lion – /l/
  • M m – Monkey – /m/
  • N n – Numbers – /n/
  • O o – Octopus – /ŏ/
  • P p – Pig – /p/
  • *Qu qu – Queen – /kw/
  • R r – Ring – /r/
  • S s – Sun – /s/
  • T t – Tiger – /t/
  • U u – Umbrella – /u/
  • V v – Van – /v/
  • W w – Watermelon – /w/
  • **X x – Fox – /ks/
  • Y y – Yo-Yo – /y/
  • Z z – Zebra – /z/

👉 *Letter Q
Teach QU together! We do this because in English words, the letter q is always followed by the letter u. The rule is: Never a Q, without a U. This is helpful for beginners as they learn to read and spell.

👉 **Letter X
All letters match the beginning sound of the pictures and words except letter X, which makes the /ks/ sound, but not at the beginning of words. As such, the /ks/ sound is heard at the end of the word fox.

Connected Activities

Use this ABC Chart along with our printable phonetic flashcards and Short Vowel Sounds Anchor Charts. These were all created with consistency in mind.

They include the same pictures and keywords to provide repeated practice in various forms. Download all the freebies and utilize them all with your students.

Blue background and white large font "ABC Chart" with image of printable chart with pictures.

Download & Print

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