13 Letter Q Worksheets for Preschool – Free Printables!

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These free printable worksheets are designed for teaching the letter Q to children in preschool and Kindergarten. Children ages 3-5 will learn to recognize and print capital Q and lowercase q, recognize the /qu/ sound, and learn the important spelling rule by saying the jingle: “Never a Q without a U.”

The QU Spelling Rule

These worksheets are designed to help students learn all about the letter Q and the QU rule. There is no word in the English language that contains a q without a u next, so the rule is simple! “Never a Q without a U.”

And it rhymes, which is great for helping kids easily remember the jingle. Say the jingle over and over again and have your students repeat it. I like to use hand motions and linking words (for q – I’ve chosen queen). When I say the sound /qu/, I pretend to put a crown on my head.

When you use your alphabet flash cards, have your kids repeat the spelling rule when they see the ‘qu/queen.’ This will engage auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners as they see the letters, say the sound, and use the hand motions.

Multisensory learning has been proven to be the most effective way to remember and recall new concepts, so this easy, yet intentional, approach is the way to go!

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The Worksheets

We included 13 worksheets for students in preschool and Kindergarten to learn all things Q! Here’s what’s in the free download below:

  • Qu Word Coloring: Kids practice auditory discrimination by identifying and coloring that pictures that begin with the /qu/ sound.
  • Coloring Letters: Students practice identifying uppercase Q and lowercase q.
  • Letter Q Tracing: Students practice proper letter formation of uppercase Q and lowercase q.
  • More Qu Tracing Practice
  • Capital Q Letter Hunt: Students will find 10 uppercase Qs in a sea of other letters.
  • Lowercase q Letter Hunt: Students will find and color 10 lowercase qs among many other letters.
  • Matching Puzzle Cards (2 pages). Print these puzzle cards double sided, so that children can piece together words and pictures together, while matching the capital Qu and lowercase qu letters together.
  • Save the Quarters: Students practice visual discrimination and identifying uppercase and lowercase letters by cutting and pasting quarters in a piggy bank.
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Matching: Students draw a line to connect uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Beginning Sounds Matching: Students practice auditory discrimination with /q/ beginning word sounds.
  • QU Wedding: This worksheet reinforces the fun wedding idea (we’ll talk more about it in a moment!) that Q and U are married, so they must always be together!
  • Fly the Quail Home: Students will draw a line from the uppercase and lowercase Q to the letter that always comes next- u!

You’ll notice that some of the free worksheets have the letter ‘q’ by itself. Kids need to learn how to properly form the capital and lowercase letter ‘q,’ so I designed these specific worksheets for letter formation practice with the letter ‘q’ in isolation. The other worksheets all include letters qu together, as they always are.

Why Teach ‘qu’ Together?

There are ZERO words in the English language where you will see the letter ‘q’ without the letter ‘u’ next to it. Zero. ‘Qu’ is a digraph (e.g. two letters that represent one sound like ch, sh, th, wh.)

This means the letter ‘q’ will always have a ‘u’ next to it to make the /qu/ sound. That’s why I never teach kids the letter ‘q’ in isolation. It’s important that we be intentional in every concept we teach, and this is no exception. If we introduce this idea right away and teach ‘qu’ together, then it’s a concept that will be solidified and learned early on.

There’s no need to come back to the letter ‘q’ later on and have to reteach this rule when kids can learn it now as they learn their letters and letter sounds.

💍 The Kindergarten Wedding

Early into my daughter’s kindergarten year, she came home from school talking about a ‘wedding’ that they would be having later in the week. A wedding, in kindergarten? What kind of wedding was she talking about? I was thinking this was some sort of wedding planned during recess by some five year old girls trying to be silly.

But this was not the case. Instead I received a ‘wedding’ invitation from the kindergarten teacher herself! But this was not any ordinary wedding…instead, I was being invited to a “Q U” wedding.

As you know, everything in kindergarten is just absolutely adorable, especially when it’s your oldest child and every experience is brand new! So when I saw the girls wearing their paper headband hats with a giant letter “U” on it, walking down the aisle to meet up with the boys who were wearing their ‘Q’ headband hats, my reading teacher’s heart just melted! They were teaching letter Q and U together, in a way that these five year-olds would NEVER forget. And you better believe that we still joke about who she ‘married’ in that wedding back in kindergarten …his name was Ryland by the way!

Okay, now all that’s left is to get started!
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