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12 Letter B Worksheets – Free Printables!

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Get 12 free printable worksheets are designed for teaching the letter B to children in preschool and Kindergarten. Students will identify the uppercase and lowercase letters, recognize the letter /b/ sound, and trace and print the letter B. 

Graphic with 12 letter B worksheets on a purple background.

🔤 All About Letter B

Mastering the alphabet is the very beginning of literacy! We carefully designed 11 printable pdf worksheets to build important pre-reading skills in preschoolers ages 3, 4, and 5. 

These skills we’re building? Visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, and proper letter formation of the letter B.

  • Visual discrimination: Seeing a letter and recognizing what letter it is, even if it looks similar to other letters.
  • Auditory discrimination: Hearing the letter sound and recognizing what letter makes that sound.
  • Proper letter formation. Correctly drawing each element of a letter to form the full, legible letter. 

Use these worksheets as fun and engaging activities to go along with your letter B lesson plans, in classrooms or at home. Download and print just one pdf or all 12! 

Two printed letter B worksheets with crayons.

✍️ Letter B Worksheets

  • B Word Coloring: Students find and color pictures of easy to identify B words including bee, ball, book, and boat. Identifying the beginning sounds of words helps to improve auditory discrimination skills.
  • Letter B Coloring. Students must discern between the lowercase and uppercase letters, and color them in different colors. 
  • Letter Tracing (2 worksheets). Practicing proper letter formation, children will follow the steps to trace and write uppercase and lowercase letters. 
  • I Spy B Words. Students must find the 10 pictures beginning with the /b/ sound among many.
  • Uppercase Letter B Hunt: Students will find the 10 uppercase letters among other uppercase letters, improving visual discrimination. 
  • Lowercase Letter b Hunt: Children will spot the 10 lowercase letters among lots of other lowercase letters. 
  • Letter Match Puzzle. Students will color the B letter pictures, then cut out each picture and along the dotted lines. They can practice matching the uppercase and lowercase letters as they reassemble the pictures.
  • Baseball Sort: For more uppercase and lowercase matching practice, children will color uppercase and lowercase letters in different colors, then cut and paste the letters in the correct column. 
  • Letter Matching. Students will match the uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Beginning Sounds Matching: Students will match the letter B with the correct picture beginning with the /b/ sound.

Helpful Info & Tips

  • Age Group: These worksheets are appropriate for preschoolers ages 3, 4, 5, and 6, and for Kindergarten students.
  • What you need: Students will need crayons or colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, and pencils.
  • Skills: These worksheets will help children will practice visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, and proper letter formation for the letter B.
Pinterest Graphic with 12 letter B worksheets on a purple brick background.

Download & Print

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