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B is for Bacon Printable Coloring Worksheet

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B is for everybody’s favorite food – bacon! This fun and free printable worksheet is all about the letter B, for children in preschool and Kindergarten! Children will practice tracing upper case and lower case letter, identify pictures beginning with the letter B, and practice coloring in those pictures.

The worksheet on a bright purple background with images of bacon and the words "B is for Bacon Printable Coloring Sheet."

The Letter B

B is one of our favorite letters to teach! Children learn to make the /b/ sound (buh) as early as six months old, when they start to babble, so by the time they enter preschool or kindergarten, they’re very ready to learn more about it!

The letter B is for so many things: baby, ball, and bike, to name a few. But it’s also for one of our favorite foods: BACON!

This worksheet was inspired by one of the few foods our picky children all love! So if your child is as crazy for bacon as all of ours is, this is a fun new way to explore the letter B.

This “B is for Bacon” printable worksheet is tons of fun for your early learner! It includes upper case and lower case letter tracing practice, and a section for naming pictures that begin with the letter B. It also has some fun coloring, featuring four easy to identify foods that all begin with the letter B.

The B is for bacon worksheet on a table with a few crayons.

Learning Focus

  • Children will practice tracing the uppercase and lowercase B.
  • Children will identify food pictures that begin with the letter B and color in those pictures.

Age Group:

  • This worksheet is appropriate for children preschool and Kindergarten.

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