Best Science of Reading Books for Teachers (Orton Gillingham)

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Check out our list of the best Science of Reading books for teachers, all aligned with Orton Gillingham, to help you gain important knowledge as you teach students to read!

13 different Science of Reading books laid out on a white board.

About the Books

As teachers, we never stop learning! That’s why it’s important to find trustworthy, relevant, research-backed resources.

From our list of best free decodable readers to our roundup of all of the Orton Gillingham training options, you can trust us to share the best of Science of Reading-aligned resources with you.

I personally own and have read each of the books listed here. And with almost two decades of teaching experience under my belt, I personally recommend each one.

Get these books to introduce new concepts, gain professional insights, and learn about best practices in the field!

Whether you're new to the Orton Gillingham approach or a seasoned pro, all teachers can benefit from this list of the best Science of Reading books.

These books are all from recognized experts in the field and will help you be well informed on the body of research known as the Science of Reading.

Learn from research-backed sources about best practices, tends, and more invaluable resources to empower teachers in cultivating strong and proficient readers.

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