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7 SH Worksheets for Digraph Learning

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Get 7 free and printable worksheets to help teach kids all about the digraph sh. Students practice identifying and writing the letters, making the /sh/ sound, discriminations initial and final /sh/ sounds, and more, all using the 7 different pdfs worksheets.

Graphic with 7 sh digraph worksheets on a blue brick background.

What is a Digraph?

A digraph is simply a fancy-schmancy name for two letters that make one sound together. The most common and thus most important digraphs to teach early readers are ch, th, wh, ph, and sh.

When are students ready to learn digraphs? The goal is to help students build to be able to read longer words at higher grade levels. So once they master some earlier literacy concepts like closed syllables and cvc words, they’re ready to move on to digraphs.

👉 Note: When you teach the sh digraph, remember to touch on the ch digraph, so that children can learn to differentiate the letters and distinguish the sounds.

They need to use visual and auditory and visual discrimination because the two digraphs both look alike and sound alike. It will take some practice, and these worksheets include some helpful exercises.

Using these worksheets:

  • Children will learn about the sh sound, recognize it in print, practice tracing and writing the letters, identify words that begin and end with the sh digraph, and differentiate it from the ch digraph. 
3 of the printed SH worksheets with crayons.

The SH Worksheets

  • SH Word Coloring: Students color in pictures that begin with the /sh/ sound. For extra practice, have students say each word aloud while they color.
  • SH Tracing Practice: Students practice tracing and writing the letters s and h.
  • Initial & Final /sh/ Sounds: Students will find pictures that begin and end with the /sh/ sound, then finish write in the words in the spaces provided.
  • Shells on Shore: Students continue practicing visual discrimination by finding the sh shells among other digraphs, then cut those out and paste them on the sea shore.
  • SH Picture Match: Students will match the sh digraph to the word that begins with the proper /sh/ sound, combining visual and auditory discrimination skills.
  • SH or CH: Students practice auditory discrimination as they learn to distinguish between the similar /ch/ and /sh/ sounds.
  • SH Digraph Hunt: Students practice visual discrimination as they search for the letters s and h together, hidden among other digraphs.

Age Group

  • These worksheets were designed for students in Kindergarten and 1st grade. 
A child using sound boxes to map the word "brush."

For orthographic mapping practice words with digraphs, check out our printable Sound Boxes (Elkonin Boxes).

Pinterest graphic with all 7 SH digraph worksheets.

Download the Worksheets

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