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Magic Wand Silent E Worksheets

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Get these 3 printable Magic Wand worksheets for students to better understand and practice Silent E. Students will cut out the letter E magic wand, then explore its power to change the middle vowel sound in words!

Graphic with three Magic E Words practice worksheets with a star magic wand.

🪄 Why We Love It

In my classroom, I always talk about the Silent E being magical, because it has the power to make the vowel say its name!

And there’s no better way to reinforce that than this exercise, featuring 3 free magic wand worksheets for Silent E practice. Students get their very own letter E magic wand to change words right before their eyes!

Using the magic wand, words completely change, both in the way they sound and their meaning.

Magic E Practice Examples:

  • kit kite
  • cop cope
  • bit bite
  • tap tape
Close up of a hand holding the magic wand cutout on a silent e worksheet.

✨ Using the Worksheets

  1. Cut out the mini magic wand. If your students want to have a little extra fun, they can color it first!
  2. Read the first word on the list.
  3. Place the magic wand at the end of the word, then read it again.
  4. Repeat until you’ve changed every word on the worksheet.

Tips & Info

  • Really exaggerate and point out the way the middle vowel changes sounds from short to long once the magic happens.
  • Allow kids to do this activity in front of other students! It builds confidence, it’s great practice, and it’s so fun!
  • Years ago I found a magician’s top hat. 🎩 I pull it out when using these printables and everyone wants a turn reading aloud as they act as a real magician!
Three printed Magic wand worksheets with a scissor.

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Pinterest graphic with the three magic e practice worksheets on a purple and blue background.

Download & Print

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