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CVCe Word Mapping – Free Printable Worksheet

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This free printable CVCe Word Mapping worksheet is a multi-sensory, phoneme-grapheme mapping resource that helps students learn all about magic e and practice long vowel sounds!

Colorful graphic with CVCe/Magic e Word Mapping worksheet, pencil, and glue stick.
Download this FREE CVCe worksheet at the bottom of this post!

🧑‍🏫 Why We Love It

This resource is great for so many reasons!

  • Provides multisensory practice. Kids will cut, paste, spell, write, and read the words, matching them to the picture.
  • Gives kids explicit and repeated exposure to long vowels.
  • Helps teach and reinforce the VCe syllable type.
  • Helps kids flex between short and long vowels. They can see how the vowel sound changes when they put the E on the word. For example, kit ➡️ kite.
  • Encourages phoneme-grapheme mapping, the way science has proven the brain stores words for permanent and instant retrieval.

👉 For more practice flexing between long and short vowel sounds, get our FREE Magic Wand CVC to CVCe Worksheets.

A child gluing magic e onto the printed CVCe worksheet.

🪄 Teaching Magic e (CVCe)

The most common job of the Magic E is to change the vowel sound from short to long.

For example: tap ➡️ tape

The E stays silent but has a very important job- It makes the preceding vowel say its name.

This concept can be confusing for new readers, so they need lots of explicit practice. That’s why we included sound boxes along with a line for the magic E.

Since the E is silent, it doesn’t get its own box, but the line is a great visual reminder and scaffold to help kids remember that a magic E must be included when spelling the word.

Students cut out the picture and a special “magic” letter e, then use the Elkonin boxes to map the word. They must then write the entire word on the rewrite line.

The Words:

  • hose
  • cake
  • cube
  • nine
  • kite
  • tape
  • robe
  • tube

Before using this resource, be sure you have explicitly taught the long vowel sounds, including the 2 sounds of long U.

ℹ️ Expert Info

Did you know there are multiple jobs of Silent Final E? 9 jobs to be exact!

According to Uncovering the Logic of English, the job discussed in this post (long vowels) occurs in 50% of words with a silent E.

But this means that 50% of words that end in Silent E do NOT have this job.

Think about these words: have, force, table, house, awe, breathe, tease, and come. Each one of these words represents a different job of the Silent E.

So, it’s important that teachers introduce that there are other jobs of the Silent E. This will help eliminate confusion when kids see words that don’t follow this rule. We want to give kids reasons for why words follow certain spelling patterns.

Remember, English isn’t an illogical and random language like so many of us used to think!

📝 More CVCe Resources

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A student drawing in Elkonin Boxes on a Magic e word mapping worksheet.
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