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Silent E Free Printable Game with 90+ VCe Words

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Kids love this FREE Silent E Printable Roll & Read Game and worksheets! Students take turns rolling and reading words that follow the VCe patterns (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e), getting targeted phonics practice while having so much fun!

Photograph of three Magic E worksheets and phonics dice with title "Silent E Game + Worksheets.

Why We Love It

Students constantly ask to play this Magic e Phonics Dice Roll & Roll Read game in my class because it’s so much fun!

Of course, teachers love it because kids are engaged in a meaningful learning activity that reinforces the phonics skill they’re learning.

That’s right! Kids will learn all about long vowel sounds, patterns in words, and a new syllable type, all while playing this game.

We also specifically included the two sounds that Long U makes, /ū/ or /o͞o/, to help reinforce this tricky one.

For more Magic e practice, use our multi-sensory, FREE CVCe Word Mapping Worksheet!

Magic e Syllable chart showing 3 words with the vowel, consonant, and e labeled.
Use this Magic e graphic (one of our Syllable types posters) to illustrate the job of the silent e!

VCe Words FAQ

What is a VCe word?

VCe words follow the Vowel-Consonant-E pattern. They’re sometimes called Magic E or Silent E.

What is the job of silent e?

In VCe words, the job of the E is to stay silent, jump back over one consonant, and make the vowel say its name.

What are the VCe rules?

The long vowel VCe rules are: a-e says /ā/, e-e says /ē/, i-e says /ī/, o-e says /, and u-e says /ū/ or /o͞o/.

Is learning VCe rules important?

It is so important that kids learn to identify the VCe patterns in words, as this will allow kids to read thousands of new words with accuracy! It also introduces kids to a new syllable type: the VCe (or Magic E) syllable.

Silent E Game & Worksheets

This game includes a phonics dice with each of the Magic e patterns on it, plus three worksheets with 90 targeted VCe words to use during your structured literacy lessons!

It helps students apply knowledge of phonics skills to reading words while gamifying the experience.

Students rolling the dice and marking the silent E words on the 3 worksheets.

How to Play

  1. Kids take turns rolling the dice and reading the pattern that appears on the dice.
  2. Then they locate the column on their gameboard worksheet that has the matching pattern. Students will use decoding skills to read the word that is located under that phonogram. If the child reads the word correctly, he can put a check in the box. The other kids will be checking each other to ensure that the words are being read correctly. This provides accountability, as well as maximizes the learning because ALL kids are engaged in the reading (not just when it’s their turn).
  3. If a child does not read the word correctly, the teacher can assist and provide corrective feedback (providing instant feedback and re-teaching, if needed). No check is given if the child does not read the word correctly.
  4. Kids continue rolling and reading until the first person has all of the boxes checked.
  5. By the time the game is over, kids will have read at least 30 words with the focused VCe phonics pattern!

Tips & Info

  • We recommend that you print the dice on cardstock and use hot glue to assemble it.
  • You can use this resource with small groups, at a center, or as independent work, whatever works best for your classroom!
  • If you don’t have time for a game, just use the game board worksheets for fluency practice or as a word list for homework practice! Since the game boards are all different, you can reuse the worksheets a few different times with the same students!

More VCe Teaching Resources

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Pinterest image showing the silent E phonics dice and 3 worksheets with text "free printable."

Download & Print

We hope you have a blast with this freebie!
Comment below to let us know how you’re using it in your classroom or with your kiddos!

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  1. Thank you so much for all this great and easy resources! it has been very helpful to our homeschooling for our son. Thank you for puting it in a way that is easy for me to teach the material to him…..thank you!!!

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