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6 Free Halloween Word Mapping Worksheets

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Use these free and customizable Halloween-themed word mapping PDF worksheets to practice phoneme-grapheme mapping in a fun, spooky way! Using gravestones or ghosts, kids will map and spell words with 3, 4, or 5 phonemes. They’re both engaging AND effective for young readers and writers!

Graphic with words 'Halloween Word Mapping" showing two Halloween worksheets on a Halloween background.

Why We Love It

We love a good holiday-themed activity, but it’s even better when you can bring in something research-based as a best practice for effective literacy instruction.

And these 6 printables are just that! The Halloween worksheets allow kids to practice word mapping words with 3, 4, or 5 phonemes using ghost and tombstone graphics.

They’re similar to Elkonin Boxes (which have many benefits!) and require children to segment and map the sounds they hear in words. Ultimately, repeating this orthographic mapping process enables the brain to permanently store words for quick and instant retrieval.

These sheets can be easily differentiated based on your student’s levels and what phonics skill they’re working on.

This makes them totally customizable! You can even distribute the different sheets to different kids at the same time, giving each child their own set of words to map and spell

A child using play dough for multisensory orthographic mapping practice.

Using the Worksheets

Follow the procedure below for effective word mapping. Remember, this is the process by which words become stored as automatic sight words, so it’s important to follow each step.

  1. The teacher dictates a word with the phonics skill the student is working on.
  2. The child repeats the word, then taps the ghosts/tombstone as they say each phoneme in the word.
    Note: You can easily substitute tapping here and use some of the multisensory ideas listed below.
  3. The student picks up his or her pencil and writes each grapheme in the ghost/headstone space.
  4. The student checks each sound in the ghost/headstone, ensuring every sound is represented with the grapheme.
  5. Last, the child rewrites the word on the line provided, using proper letter formation.
All six printable word mapping pages printed and placed on a black board.

Make It Multisensory

Like our alphabet arcs and spelling practice worksheets, this activity can easily be made multisensory!

Before your students write the graphemes in each box, allow them to engage in hands-on learning.

Since it’s Halloween, use something with a Halloween theme for extra engagement:
👻 Orange and black playdough rolled into balls can be pushed down as kids say each sound.
👻 Halloween erasers from the dollar store can be placed on the worksheet and tapped as students say each sound.
👻 Give kids a few pieces of candy corn to push up as they say the sounds.

The Halloween worksheet with ghosts beside a pencil.

Tips & Info

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Pinterest graphic with words 'Halloween Word Mapping" showing two Halloween worksheets on a Halloween background.

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  1. Grateful for these Worksheets for kids. Big help. Thank you very much for always for all the free downloadables.

    1. Hi Divina,
      You are very welcome. We hope they provide some Halloween fun as your students practice essential word mapping skills!
      Katie and Laura

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