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Spelling Practice Tic Tac Toe

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This free no-prep printable spelling practice tic tac toe board is an entertaining and engaging game for students in grades 1-4 to practice their vocabulary words! Get your vocabulary lists and get started!

Graphic with the tic tac toe board on a green background.

Why We Love It

There’s nothing we like more than making learning fun! And traditionally, vocabulary and spelling practice can be a little repetitive and tiresome.

But when you gamify the experience, it becomes something totally new and exciting, not to mention helps to improve retention and motivation.

Our students love the fun writing activities in the tic-tac-toe game, so much so that they don’t even seem to notice the spelling practice and repetition involved! Suddenly, spelling is fun!

ūüĎČ You can use this activity alongside any vocabulary list with a focused phonics skill, or use our lists of High Frequency Words, R Controlled Vowel Words, or Silent E Words. If you are trying to teach words with irregular spelling, use the heart word method which specifically teaches the irregular parts of the word that need to be memorized by heart.

The printed spelling practice tic tac toe board surrounded by crayons and game markers.

How to Play

Step 1: Partner two students together. Choose one word to practice for each round.
Step 2: Students take turns choosing a box on the board, then completing the task written inside using the vocabulary word. Once the task is completed, they mark the box with their marker.
Step 3: Whoever gets three boxes in a row first, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, is the winner.

The spelling tasks include:

  • Write the word in a silly sentence.
  • Write the word with your eyes closed.
  • Write the word in all capital letters.
  • Ghost write using a white crayon, then color over it with another color.
  • Rainbow write the word. Write the word in one color, then write directly over the letters in at least 3 other colors.
  • Write the word as small as you can.
  • Write the word in the air with your finger.
  • Write the word three times.
  • Write the word in the shape of a pyramid. Write the first letter, then the first two letters, then the first three letters, and continue in this pattern until the word is written.

Tips & FAQ

  • What you need: Each student needs game markers, crayons, a pencil, a piece of paper, and the vocabulary words to practice.
  • Take turns: Partners can alternate who goes first each round, or if you’re playing in a large classroom activity, have the winner move on to a new partner after each round so they rotate partners as each new word is played.
  • Extend the fun: We recommend printing on cardstock and/or laminating the paper so you can use the board time and time again.

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Download & Print

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