Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems – 4 Free Printables

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Get four free printable Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems to help kids share about what they’re grateful for, with options featuring the words “thankful,” “family,” “turkey,” and “blessings.” Use them as a classroom activity or at home to reinforce lessons on Thanksgiving or gratefulness and appreciation.

Graphic with four acrostic worksheets on an autumn leaf background.

Why We Love It

These Thanksgiving acrostic poems are such a fun no-prep activity to celebrate the season of appreciation.

Each of the four worksheets features one main word. The words are “Family,” “Thankful,” “Turkey,” and “Blessings.”

Kids (or you) can choose which word worksheet to use, then they create their own Thanksgiving-themed acrostic poem!

We like to use these in the classroom with our Thanksgiving Activity Sheets and Thanksgiving Word Mapping Worksheets alongside lessons on the history of Thanksgiving, autumn, gratitude, poetry, and more!

Using the Worksheets

A printed "Family" Thanksgiving acrostic poem worksheet.

The beautiful thing about acrostic poems is that they do not have to rhyme, unless you want them to!

We like to give students time to brainstorm out loud as a group words that begin with the letters of the acrostic. We then break off for individual work as they complete their poem.

Sample Acrostic Poems

An acrostic can be complex, with phrases or even full sentences after each letter:

  • The best dinner I’ve ever eaten.
  • Happy people having special times.
  • All the pies and desserts we get to eat!
  • New friends come over.
  • Kids get to sit at a special table.
  • Football games on TV!
  • Uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents visit.
  • Listen to everyone say what they’re thankful for.

Acrostic poems can also be super simple, with just one or two words per letter:

  • Teach
  • Understanding
  • Rest
  • Kids
  • Eat
  • Your family
Four printed acrostic poems with a pencil.

Tips & Info

  • Once they’re finished writing their poem, ask students to read their poems aloud to the group.
  • The worksheets make a lovely kids’ table placemat and a fun activity at Thanksgiving dinner!
Pinterest graphic with 4 printable Thanksgiving acrostic poems.

Download & Print

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