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Valentine’s Day Word Search – Free Printable

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A fun, engaging free printable Valentine’s Day Word Search with 20 love and friendship themed words for students to find! There’s an answer key included as an aid.

Graphic with a close up of the Valentine's Day word search on a red and pink heart background.

❤️ Why We Love It

Valentine’s Day is all about fun, love, and friendship (and candy too!), and we love incorporating educational activities into holiday fun!

This Valentine’s Day word search is designed to be a meaningful and engaging activity that students will enjoy, all while practicing important literacy skills!

Students will practice reading and finding 20 different words. This helps improve visual discrimination as well as spelling and decoding skills!

👉 Not only do I use this in my classroom, but I tuck a printed copy into each of my daughter’s school valentines (with a copy of our self-esteem candy jar!), so her friends get to take home a fun activity along with their candy!

Word Search Words

  • Valentine
  • Dessert
  • Happy
  • Sweet
  • Love
  • Notes
  • Chocolate
  • Flower
  • Be Mine
  • Heart
  • Rose
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • February
  • Friend
  • Cards
  • Cupid
  • XOXO
  • Holiday
  • Candy

Tips & Info

  • This worksheet is best suited for children grades 2-6, but it’s suitable for any students above a second grade reading level.
  • Pair this worksheet with lessons about Valentine’s Day, holidays, or February. 
  • Dive Deeper: Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day themed books to recommend for young readers are Harvey the Heart (this one will get a LOT of giggles) and Celebrating Valentine’s Day.
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🖨️ Get the Printable PDF

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