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3 Free Printable Reading Log Templates – Weekly, Monthly, & Summer

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Get three different FREE printable reading log templates for kids, with different options for different ages and reading levels. These are great for tracking reading goals by the week, month, or over summer break!

Graphic with three different free printable reading logs on a colorful background.

Why Reading Logs are Important

📚 Helps with goal setting. Students are challenged to complete the reading log, and they get to monitor their progress as see the numbers grow as it records their progress. It builds confidence knowing that with each line, they’re becoming stronger readers.

📚 Develops good reading habits. When kids get into the habit of reading every day, they’re more likely to stay in the habit of reading every day. And more exposure means more opportunities to practice and retain important literacy skills!

📚 Opportunity for repeat exposures. Research shows time and time again that repeated reading of the same text is valuable for learning and retaining new skills. Teachers may use these logs to have students read the same texts again at home. We highly recommend using free decodable readers based on each student’s skill level!

Using the Printables

The printed rainbow summer reading log colored surrounded by crayons.

🌈 Summer Reading Log

We LOVE this summer reading log for students of all ages!

Kids literally create a colorful reading rainbow as they count the minutes they read and color in each of the 100 circles!

The goal is to fill in the entire rainbow between the last day of school and the first day of school.

Teachers must customize this log by writing in how many minutes a student must read per circle. But if they read just 10 minutes per circle, they’ll read one thousand minutes by the time they complete the activity!

Kids can also keep a short list of their favorite books by writing them in on the clouds.

I offer prizes to students who bring this back to me at the beginning of the next school year, whether or not it’s filled in fully because maintaining a habit of reading is my goal!

A printed weekly reading log with a pen.

📝 Weekly Reading Log

This is a great weekly reading log for weekly homework.

It’s formatted to include a daily entry for students to log the date, title, author, minutes or pages read, and write a short summary of what they read.

I typically assign students to read a certain amount each day, then give them the option to choose any 1-2 days per week “off.”

A printed monthly reading log beside a black pen.

🗓️ Monthly Reading Log

The monthly reading log is a great choice for students during the school year and summer months alike!

It has thirty spaces to write in the date, title of book, minutes or pages read, and parent initials.

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