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Free Cat in the Hat Graphic Organizer Worksheet

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Grab this The Cat in the Hat graphic organizer, perfect for celebrating Dr. Suess and Read Across America Day! Use this FREE worksheet to incorporate some Dr. Suess-themed fun into your classroom.

A red & white striped background with plot element graphic organizer like Cat in the Hat.

💗 Why We Love It

This no-prep Graphic Organizer worksheet is awesome for so many reasons! Students will practice identifying plot elements in the story they read.

It easily allows you to meet the needs of ALL learners sitting in your classroom!

👉 It can be used with any fiction book your students are currently reading, not just The Cat in the Hat. Use it with Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, or any non-Seuss book will work great.

👉 You can use this worksheet in a variety of ways depending on your students’ levels. They can complete the graphic organizer by drawing, drawing/labeling, or by writing sentences.

👉 You can even differentiate this assignment within your classroom by requiring your different groups to use the hat in different ways. Some might draw, some might draw/label, and others might write!

🎩 All About The Graphic Organizer

We want our students to have fun with this activity, so as an alternative to using a less-engaging story map, we made an actual HAT that looks similar to the one that Cat in the Hat wears.

The graphic organizer includes space for these plot elements:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  • Problem or Conflict
  • Resolution

If kids need more support with the skills, the teacher can guide them through the activity in small groups.

Other kids may be up for the challenge and may be able to complete it independently! Partner work is always an option too.

Photo of a cat in the hat craft with a completed graphic organizer.
Make it into a craft to display by adding a paper plate or card stock cat face!

Expert Tips & Info

For some added fun, extend the activity and let your students’ creativity shine!

Using paper plates or cardstock, children can create Cat in the Hat faces. Just cut out the hat and attach to the face! Kids use their artistic abilities and they’ll actually have their very own Cat in the Hat!

The hats make great decorations to display outside of your classroom in the hallway or on the door!

Added Bonus: Administrators love these because they’re not just crafts, but they specifically relate to grade-level standards and make the school look great!

👩‍🏫 Teach and Model

Because The Cat in the Hat is a beloved classic, it’s a great one to read to your class, especially on Read Across America Day!

And because it’s a familiar story, it’s an excellent choice for a whole group lesson when teaching how to map story elements.

After reading the story aloud, use an enlarged version of our graphic organizer. You can quickly draw it on chart paper or display the pdf on your smartboard.

Together with your class, discuss the book and identify plot elements within the story. Talk through the story, listing the characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, problem, and resolution.

Students completing a large anchor chart of Cat in the Hat graphic organizer.
Students add illustrations to a large graphic organizer. After the lesson, one student commented, “That was SO fun!”

Keep the enlarged version of the graphic organizer hanging in a place where students can reference it. This can then be used as an anchor for students as they attempt to identify these elements in unfamiliar books independently.

This graphic organizer is appropriate for 1st, 2nd & 3rd-grade students, or any students learning to identify story elements.

For more comprehension skill ideas, visit our posts and get a context clue anchor chart and context clue mini-book for students to use. These resources will help them gain deeper understanding of words and vocabulary as they read and comprehend text.

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Graphic with Cat in the Hat Graphic organizer on a red & white striped background.

Download & Print

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    1. Hi Summer,
      Read Across America Week is one of our favorites! So glad this graphic organizer works for your students to celebrate Dr. Suess.
      Katie and Laura

    1. Samantha,
      We are so glad to hear you are loving this graphic organizer. We love the scaffolding it provides to help students organize their thoughts prior to writing. Thanks so much for your feedback!
      Katie and Laura

  1. Love this activity! I really like that they have to write but it also includes the creative part where they get to color and decorate the hat itself.

    1. Ana,
      Thanks for the encouraging feedback. It’s great to know that your students really enjoy this activity where their creativity can really shine through!
      Katie and Laura

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