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Phonics Snowman – Free Printables

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This multi-sensory, no prep, Winter-themed Phonics Snowman is great for students practicing all phonics skills. Choose any phonics concept, then have students write words containing that concept on snowflakes and glue them falling from the sky!

A child coloring on a printed and completed fluency snowman worksheet.
Download the free printables at the bottom of this post!

Why We Love It

This Phonics Snowman is a super fun, no-prep activity for learners of all levels! Like our holiday orthographic mapping worksheets, this resource is a great way for students to work on new phonics concepts and fluency, and to store words in kids’ brains automatically!

Here’s why I love using it with my students, and why you’ll love it, too:

❄️ It’s Multi-Sensory: Kids are coloring, cutting, pasting, writing, reading, and listening. Whenever we can engage multiple senses while explicitly teaching, students learn better!

❄️ Great for Differentiating: Students at all different levels can participate in this activity at the same time! Simply choose different concepts or words based on what they’re currently learning.

❄️ Kids Are Engaged: Around this time of year, my students have always tended to lose a little of their learning focus. It’s understandable since they’re so excited about the holiday break! To help keep them stay engaged and motivated, I use activities that tie learning in with their existing excitement. That’s exactly what this activity does.

❄️ It’s Meaningful: Use this activity to target the important reading skills your students will need in order to be successful readers. So while kids are having fun creating a winter snow scene, they’re also practicing and improving their reading, spelling, and fluency skills!

And if you’re reading this in October or November, get the Thanksgiving-themed version of this resource!

How To Use the Printables

This free printable resource can be used with a whole group, small group, or as independent work. So whether you’re a reading interventionist or classroom teacher, this activity will work for your students!

The two printed Phonics Snowman pages with brief instructions explaining how to use them.

Follow this general procedure:

  1. Write whatever phonics skill your students are working on the snowman’s belly.
  2. Students write words that contain that concept on the snowflakes. You can dictate the words to them, or you can have them make them up or use their weekly SoR-aligned spelling list.
  3. Color in the snowman and snowflakes, then cut out the snowflakes and glue them onto the snowman page, falling from the sky!
  4. Last, students should read all of the words out loud three times. Every time they read through all the words, they should color in one of the three candy canes.
A partially completed Phonics snowman with R-Blends words written in.

Expert Tips & Info

  • Have students switch papers once they’re done and read each other’s snowflakes!
  • Once all your students have finished, display them in the hall! Not only is it visually appealing, I’ve actually seen other students passing by stop and read through words! The learning is contagious!

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Download & Print

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