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18 Consonant Blends Sentences with Free Worksheets

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Get 18 decodable sentences organized by S-blends, L-blends, and R-blends for focused phonics practice. Included are 3 FREE printable read-and-match PDF worksheets, each with 6 decodable sentences and matching pictures.

Graphic with a greenn background and L-blends, R-Blends, S Blend Sentences worksheets.

Initial Consonant Blends

Initial consonant blends are sometimes called beginning blends. They come at the beginning of a word and include two or more consonants next to one another, with no vowels between.

With consonant blends, you will hear each consonant sound, blended together quickly.

📑 Blends Sentences

All 18 consonant blends sentences below are decodable, and most of the words with blends include initial consonant blends.

There are a few ending blends for practice, too, because it’s important that students recognize blends at the beginning and end of words.

The sentences also include words with short vowels, digraphs, and high-frequency words.

S Blends Sentences

  • Do not step on the small slug!
  • The slick skunk slipped out of the trap.
  • Mom said to stop jumping and be still.
  • Stan had a fist full of snacks.
  • The sled slid down the hill fast.
  • Snip the bees nest out of the tree without getting stung.

L Blends Sentences

  • Glen left his flip-flop on the black top.
  • Blanch flicked the black glob.
  • Flo did not blink when she hit the glass with a bat.
  • Don’t slip on the slick path.
  • The plant was flat, not plump.
  • He had a clash and fled from Fred.

R Blends Sentences

  • Trish drove on the grass with her truck.
  • Fred fell out of his crib with a crash.
  • The frog hid under bricks.
  • Bret and Brad find a big crab.
  • Do not fret and drop the trash.
Three completed blends worksheets with a glue stick and scissors.

Using the Worksheets

  • The S blends worksheet features words with blends that begin with s: sc, sl, st, sp, sm, sn, sw.
  • The L blends worksheet features words with l as the second letter in the blend: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl.
  • The R blends worksheets feature words with r as the second consonant in the blend: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr.

These worksheets can be used independently or for small group instruction. Students should always read the sentences first and then find the matching pictures to confirm meaning.

We suggest beginning this activity by folding the pictures under so that only the sentences are visible. After the first reading, kids can then use the pictures to confirm what the words tell them.

🤷‍♀️ If they can’t find a picture that matches the sentence, then students should re-read the sentences. The pictures are meant to support the sentences, not the other way around!

If the worksheets are given as independent work, then the pictures make it very easy to check to see if the children read the sentences for meaning.

If the pictures match, then you’ll know that students read the sentences with accuracy. Comprehension is, of course, the whole point of reading!

The only things your students will need to complete this consonant blend activity are scissors and glue.

If you can’t print in color, then allow students to color the small pictures. In that case, you’ll also need crayons or colored pencils.

Tips & Info

  • These worksheets are great for 1st-grade students who are learning to read consonant blends.
  • Extend the activity further and have kids search for words within the sentences that include s blends, r blends, and l blends. Kids can highlight them on the worksheet, and then copy them into a chart in their notebook.
  • Allow kids to re-read the sentences for fluency practice.

More Decodable Sentences!

Get 62 pages of decodable sentences practice to use with your students during your structured literacy lessons! They help students apply knowledge of phonics skills to reading words within context to support comprehension.

Whatever specific phonics skills you’re working on, this one resource can support the needs of all of your students!

Image of decodable read and match sentence worksheet with scissors and glue stick.
Grab your own copy of 62 decodable sentences!

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