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Colorful Consonant Blends Anchor Chart – Free Printable

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Get this colorful, fun, and FREE printable Consonant Blends Anchor Chart. Each of the 26 blends are written on the poster in large letters with a matching picture and keyword.

Graphic with a colorful consonant blends anchor chart and a cartoon teacher.

🧑‍🏫 Teaching Consonant Blends

Consonant Blends Definition: Two or more consonants next to one another, with no vowels between, where each letter sound is heard and blended together quickly.

So many words have consonant blends, so it’s super important to use research-based strategies for teaching these important concepts.

What you need to know to teach consonant blends:

  • Blends are a phonics skill taught after all letter sounds, long and short vowel sounds, and digraphs. Follow a systematic scope and sequence to teach phonics.
  • It’s best teach blends together based on similar features, like blends that include the letter l, r, or s.
  • We know kids sometimes only look at the first letter and guess the word. We need to break this habit early, so spend time helping students discern between blends with the same first consonant, like bl and br.
  • Blends can come before or after a vowel.
  • Blends can be found at the beginning, middle, or end of word.
  • Consonant blends are not the same as digraphs! Digraphs contain two or more consonants that come together to make a new sound, while blends contain two or more consonants where each individual phoneme is heard.

Blends can be a difficult concept for young readers to master, but displaying this Consonant Blends Anchor Chart will enable students to quickly and easily reference the 26 most common blends.

This will be particularly helpful for spelling practice. Since blends won’t be included on your sound wall, this anchor chart is a perfect display for additional support.

📝 The Anchor Chart

This brightly colored anchor chart shows 26 of the most common consonant blends.

Each blend is written in large letters with a corresponding easy-to-recognize & colorful picture alongside a keyword showing the blend underlined.

  • block
  • broom
  • clock
  • crayon
  • draw
  • flag
  • frog
  • glue
  • green
  • plug
  • prize
  • scarf
  • skateboard
  • sling
  • smile
  • snowman
  • spoon
  • stop
  • swing
  • truck
  • twin

👉  We recommend printing the poster enlarged at 18 x 24 inches for classroom use or 8.5 x 11 inches for individual use placed inside your student’s phonics folder or notebook.

✏️ More Blends Practice

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Consonant Blends Anchor Chart graphic with a cartoon teacher pointing to the poster.

🖨️ Download & Print

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