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BL and BR Blends Worksheets & Activities (Free!)

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Here we’re focusing on initial BL and BR consonant blends. The five free PDF worksheets reinforce a strong understanding of the sounds consonant blends BR and BL make. The activities provide repeated practice reading and writing words with blends, sorting pictures according to beginning blends, and reading decodable sentences with initial BR and BL blends.

A bright rainbow colored background with five worksheets for consonant blends BR and BL.

Initial Consonant Blends

Initial consonant blends (or beginning blends) are two or more consonants next to one another with no vowels between. In consonant blends, you will hear EACH sound, blended together quickly.

Blends are usually taught together based on similar features:

  • L blends organized by second consonant: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl
  • R blends organized by second consonant: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr
  • S blends organized by first consonant: sc, sk, sl, st, sp, sm, sn, sw
  • Other: tw

Blends can be tricky, and many kids will need additional support differentiating between blends that have the same first consonant.

That’s why we’re focusing on BL and BR in this post. The activities included should be used with students who have already been taught L blends & R blends.

BL Blends

Some examples of initial consonant BL blends include:

  • bloom
  • bleed
  • blue
  • blow
  • blue
  • blimp
  • blush
  • black
  • blurb

BR Blends

Blends with R need explicit instruction in the sounds that are created. Be sure your students are not saying /Buh-er/ or /ber/. We don’t say the word “brat” as “Ber-at.”

Show them the mouth and tongue placement when saying the blend. Notice that only the lips should move when making the /br/ sound, not their tongue. Have them carefully listen and repeat, making the same sound with the same mouth and tongue placement.

Some examples of initial consonant BR blends include:

  • broom
  • bread
  • break
  • brain
  • bring
  • broke
  • Brad
  • bridge
  • bride
Five printed Bl and Br blend worksheets with scissors and a glue stick.

Using the Worksheets

Included are five free easy to download pdf worksheets with colorful pictures. They each focus on various skills, so students can practice as they sort words, read sentences, and fill in the blank.

Kids will practice consonant BL and BR blends:

  • In isolation
  • By building words with these blends
  • By reading words with blends
  • Sorting pictures according to initial blends
  • Reading decodable sentences with blends

Tips & Info

Begin teaching initial blends as soon as kids have a strong grasp on closed-syllable CVC words and words with digraphs.

Age Group: These worksheets are great for 1st and second-grade students learning consonant blends.

Pinterest graphic with five printable BL and BR worksheets on a colorful background.

Download & Print

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