8 Food Coloring Pages by Category

Eight cute and educational printable food coloring pages, each filled with all of your favorite foods! Each page showcases a different category of food: Healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood, grains, healthy fats, and desserts.

Collage of the 9 food coloring sheets placed on an angle over a gradient green background.

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There’s nothing that grabs and holds children’s attention quite like food, so we put together eight separate coloring pages, all about food! Each page represents a category of food, and is filled to the brim with illustrations of different foods that fit in that category.

So whether you’re working on a nutrition lesson or simply want to foster conversations around food, these free printable pdfs are a fun visual aid.

🖍️ Lesson Focus

  • Children will learn to identify different foods as well as food groups.
  • Use these coloring pages to open conversations about food, cooking, and likes/dislikes.

Age Group

  • These food coloring pages would be best suited for grades 1-4, but they are appropriate for children ages 2-12.
All eight food coloring pages in rows on a bright purple background.

🍏 Food Coloring Pages

  • Feel Good Foods: A mix of different healthy fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, grains and more to help your child identify the foods that help their bodies grow strong!
  • Fruit: This coloring page is bananas! Children will love to color the banana, pineapple, lemon, and more!
  • Vegetables: Even picky eaters will have a ball coloring in the broccoli, potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower.
  • Meat and Seafood: This page is a carnivore’s delight! It has pictures of steak, salmon, shrimp, chicken, ham, and more!
  • Dairy: Cheese, milk, and yogurt imagery are fun to color!
  • Grains
  • Healthy Fat: This coloring page features avocado, olive oil, and nuts.
  • Desserts & Sweets: We couldn’t forget dessert! This page has images of cake, ice cream, a cupcake, and a donut.
Graphic showing the printable coloring pages on an angle over a gradient green background with the large text that reads, "8 printable food worksheets."

🍏 Click the photo or Download food worksheets.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the finished pages! Snap a picture of your child’s work and tag us on Instagram @literacylearnblog.

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