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Initial Sounds 4 Seasons Worksheets – Free Printables

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Get 4 FREE initial sounds seasons-themed worksheets, each focusing on a different season with fun and easily identifiable pictures. They’re perfect for Kindergarteners working to understand beginning sounds AND seasons!

Four printed and completed initial sounds worksheets on a pink background with crayons.
Get all four worksheets FREE at the bottom of this post!

☀️ Why We Love It

I try to pay attention to what gets my students excited, then take that information and build it right into our lessons. And that’s why I created these season-based initial sounds worksheets!

Like my A-Z beginning sounds printables, these worksheets focus on auditory discrimination, which is hearing and then identifying a letter sound.

Practicing this skill is so important, because this is the beginning of learning to sound out new words and spell!

Obviously, seasons are front of mind a lot of the time (that’s why we made our summer fun worksheets!) and in my groups, my kindergarteners really respond to these worksheets with excitement. That means I’ve done my job!

The Worksheets

You’ll get four worksheets with different seasonal themes! Each free worksheet focuses on helping children hear and identify the beginning sound of each word.

Teachers should say the words out in order to confirm the meaning of each picture and help with vocabulary.

Kids should repeat the words out loud, listening for the beginning sounds, and circle the correct letter. For more fun, they can color in the pictures, too!

Winter-themed beginning sounds worksheet on a blue background.

Winter-Themed Worksheet

  • igloo
  • hat
  • candle
  • mittens
  • candy cane
  • cookies
  • penguin
  • bots
  • gifts
  • jacket
  • santa
  • reindeer
A printed spring-themed initial sounds worksheet on a green background.

Spring-Themed Worksheet

  • kite
  • butterfly
  • lady bug
  • umbrella
  • rainbow
  • flower
  • cloud
  • sun
  • bee
  • boot
  • leaf
  • nest
A printed summer-themed initial sounds worksheet on a yellow background.

Summer-Themed Worksheet

  • beach
  • lemonade
  • sandals
  • watermelon
  • popsicle
  • fireworks
  • hot dogs
  • fishing
  • surf board
  • towel
  • goggles
  • camera
A printed fall-themed initial sounds worksheet on a red background.

Fall/Autumn-Themed Worksheet

  • deer
  • pie
  • hay
  • nut
  • turkey
  • wagon
  • corn
  • football
  • leaf
  • apple
  • scarecrow
  • pumpkin
Beginning sounds worksheets graphic with two worksheets and a pencil.
>> For more practice, get 42 pages of beginning letter sounds worksheets!

Educational Focus

  • Children will learn to identify beginning sounds of words and practice auditory discrimination.
  • These worksheets separate word groups by seasons, reinforcing lessons about the four seasons of the years.
  • These worksheets are appropriate for children age 5-6 or in Kindergarten.
Four worksheets on a blue background with large text that reads "Four Seasons Beginning Sounds Worksheets."

Download & Print

We absolutely adore getting to see our worksheets in the real world, completed by your kids! Please snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @literacylearn!

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