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Common Homophone List and Sentences

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Get a FREE resource with 59 common homophones in one organized list, plus a FREE no prep fill-in-the-blank worksheet with homophone sentences! This helps kids to expand their knowledge of homophones and build their vocabulary as they learn!

Two sample worksheets of the homophone list & sentences.

Homophone List

Homophones are words that sound exactly the same, but they have different spellings and different meanings.

It is important that students begin to discover this concept early on as they begin to add to their known word bank and expand their vocabulary.

Common Homophone Words and Examples:

ad – adddo – dewone – won
ate – eightI – eyeour – hour
aunt – antfair – farepale – pail
affect – effectflee – fleapare – pair – pear
allowed – aloudflour – flowerpane – pain
air – heirflu – flewquartz – quarts
be – beefor – fourred – read
bear – baregreat – graterain – reign
blew – bluegym – Jimroll – role
bin – beenhare – hairsail – sale
berry – buryhall – haulsee – sea
by – bye – buyhay – heyseen – scene
close – clotheshear – heretee – tea
cell – sellknot – notthere – their – they’re
cent – scent – sentkneed – needto – too – two
chute – shootknight – nightvain – vein – vane
course – coarsemail – maleweather – whether
deer – dear main – mane – Mainewitch – which
die – dyemeet – meatyoke – yolk

We use homophones all the time in the English language. But homophones can be very confusing when it comes to spelling.

I started my career as a high school English teacher, and I still have to think about meaning and usage every time I use the homophones “effect” and “affect.”

Homophone graphic with definition and homophone words and pictures.
Grab this poster plus other great resources in our Homophone bundle.

Homophone Sentences

These 20 cloze sentences check to make sure that students can differentiate between 24 common homophones within context.

Using some of the most common homophones and a word bank, kids will place the correct word within each sentence.

The homophone words in this activity include: flew/flu, sea/see, mail/male, pair/pear, aunt/ant, won/one, way/weigh, hole/whole, great/grate, tail/tale, right/write, flour/flower, I/eye, eight/ate, son/sun, four/for.

  • My __son___ was so hungry that he ate the ___whole__ pizza himself.
  • Pam promised her pen-pal that she’d ___write__ a letter every month.
  • You must use __four_ cups of __flour__ to make cupcakes.
  • He __flew__ across the country in a hot air balloon.
  • 365 days is equal to __one__ year.
  • Sam and __I__ had a __great__ vacation and didn’t want to come home.
  • “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” is a classic __tale___that has been told over hundreds of years.
  • You have to plant the seeds in a __hole__ in the ground.
  • My poor __aunt__ Jane is sick in the hospital with the __flu__.
  • It is rude to ask a person how much they __weigh__.
  • Team USA __won__ a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • James picked a __flower__ from the garden to give to his girlfriend.
  • Don’t ask __for__ new sneakers. Yours are just fine.
  • The directions told me to turn __right___ at the stop sign.
  • When my dog sees me, he wags his __tail__.
  • Look deep into my __eyes__ and tell me the truth.
  • Let’s __grate__ some cheese to put on the spaghetti.
  • Chip says he knows the __way__ home, even in the dark.
  • There was an __ant__ in the house so mom squished it with her shoe.
  • The yellow ___sun___ was so bright that I couldn’t look up.

Homophones Cloze Sentences Worksheet

💻 Download the free homophone cloze sentence worksheet below to use with your students after teaching these homophone sets.

It’s a sample freebie from our Homophone Game Activity, using these same words. Using fun games like this one is sure to get your students engaged and participating in learning homophones!

Graphic showing a printable homophones matching game.
Our Homophone game activity includes picture cards and word cards for matching, as well as two assessments to check for understanding. This is a great way to have fun while learning all about homophones!

Pair this game with another excellent homophone resource, our free, student-created homophone worksheet book!

Educational Info

  • This resource can be used with 2nd-5th graders, or any children learning to differentiate homophone words. It’s also great for EL students trying to learn language differences between words, spellings, and meanings.
  • It’s important to use this worksheet only after you’ve taught the specific homophones included on this list.
  • With older students, you can also use this as a pre-assessment to determine which homophones you will need to teach explicitly.
Pinterest graphic with two sample worksheets of the homophone list & sentences text stating "free pdfs."

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