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Science of Reading Morphology Poster – Free Printable!

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Grab this free printable poster to promote the Science of Reading & morphology with your colleagues and students. Download your poster, then print and display it to brighten up your classroom or office space!

Framed Science of Reading morphology poster on blue and peach background with words "free printable."
Download this poster FREE at the bottom of this post!

➕ Why Morphology?

As kids progress in their knowledge of phonics, they can begin to move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

They do this by moving up the building blocks of reading as they build fluency, study vocabulary, and deepen their comprehension.

One essential component in this process is the study of morphology.

 👉 Morphology is “the study of word structure and meaning.”

Teaching students that words can be broken down into morphemes, or the smallest unit of meaning, is a valuable tool for their reading toolbox!

Understanding the structure of words, as well as common morphemes, will ultimately lead to deeper meaning and greater understanding. This poster does just that!

Graphic comparing the words dog/dogs with images to show why morphology matters.

💜 Why We Love It

Our fun SOR poster is not only for decoration, but it’s intentionally designed to show kids (and adults) how words can be broken apart into prefixes, suffixes, and bases to understand meaning!

On the poster, the popular phrase “Science of Reading” is broken down using a word sum. A word sum is where each morpheme within a word is separated, basically breaking apart the word by meaning.

Word sums give us a clearer understanding of meaning and will help kids deepen their vocabulary and word knowledge.

On this poster, you see the words “Science of Reading” broken down into morphemes.

Each morpheme is underlined and represented in a different color. Anyone viewing this poster can easily see the morphemes separated by a + sign.

Then, they can see how their meanings contribute to the overall definition of the phrase “Science of Reading.”

 👉 The literal definition is “The action or state of knowing the process of reading.”

We hope this poster helps get the conversations flowing with your colleagues as you help teachers expand their knowledge about Science of Reading! Then grab our free morphology printables to practice with your students.

Photo of the printed version of the Science of Reading morphology poster.

✨ Expert Tips & Info

  • Enlarge the poster for 18X24 and print in color.
  • Don’t wait to teach morphology! Teaching morphology can begin as early as kindergarten, as kids learn that adding a suffix ‘s’ to the word ‘dog’ means ‘more than one dog.’
  • More explicit morphemic analysis usually begins by the middle of third grade, as words become more content-specific and include multisyllabic words with prefixes, suffixes (like -s/-es and -ed) and Greek and Latin bases.
  • Visit etymonline.com for an etymology dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary is a great one, too (this requires a subscription) These resources are priceless!
A white mug with the Science of Reading morphology analysis on it.
Get this morphology design on a mug from our Etsy shop!

📚 More Science of Reading Resources

Please join us as we continue sharing that the Science of Reading is SO MUCH MORE than phonics instruction!

It includes many components, and most importantly it is a body of research that has arisen from decades of research, studies, and advances in technology.

Choose one of our favorite Science of Reading books for teachers to dig deeper into it!

If you want to learn more about SOR and structured literacy, check out this post where I discuss how to get OG-certified! It was one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made.

Framed Science of Reading morphology poster on blue and peach background with words "free printable."

🖨 Download & Print

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