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Free Science of Reading-aligned Get to Know Me Worksheet

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Get a FREE Science of Reading aligned ‘All About Me’ worksheet to use with your students. This printable requires kids to tap into important phonological awareness skills like rhyming, syllable awareness, alliteration, and phonemic awareness, all while getting to share about themselves! Get your free worksheet below.

Colorful graphic with text, "All About Me Worksheet - Science of Reading Version."
Download the FREE printable at the bottom of this post!

💗 Why We Love It

We LOVE creating engaging activities that are targeted and intentional. And this worksheet is just that. It combines creativity with classroom collaboration and challenges students’ literacy skills.

It’s great to use during the first week of school when community building and getting to know one other is the top priority.

This worksheet is the perfect way for kids to introduce themselves to one another, make connections with friends, and foster a positive classroom environment, all while targeting specific phonological awareness skills.

A child's completed Get to Know Me Phonological Awareness worksheet.

📝 Using the Worksheet

This no-prep printable is the best! Just download and print; then, have your students grab a pencil and crayons and then they’re ready to begin!

The worksheet includes specific Science of Reading-aligned prompts and directions.

On the worksheet:

  • A space space for kids to draw their own self-portrait.
  • A space for kids to draw and label their family.
  • The sentence starter “My name rhymes with …” (Generating rhyme)
  • The sentence starter “Something I really love to do is…”
  • A space for kids to draw two things that begin with the same sound as their first name (Alliteration).
  • The sentence starter “My birthday is…” and “My birthday month has ___ syllables (Syllable awareness).
  • A space for kids to draw something they got for their birthday.
  • A space to draw their pet. And if they don’t have a pet, they can draw their dream pet!
  • The sentence starter, “My pet’s name is,” with a space to list how many syllables, how many phonemes, and how many graphemes (Phonemic awareness).
  • Plus, sound boxes for phoneme-grapheme mapping. If you want to learn/read more about phoneme-grapheme mapping, visit our post on orthographic mapping.

❗In order for kids to be successful, the teacher will want to review the prompts included on this worksheet before asking students to complete it on their own.

📚 Educational Focus: This printable is perfect for kids in middle-elementary grades, like second and third grade.

Tips and Ideas

👉🏼 The teacher should complete his or her own worksheet and then share it with the class as a model. This will allow you to review specific terms like syllable, phoneme, grapheme, and mapping and demonstrate how to identify these things. Your students will likely need a refresher after a long summer break!

👉🏼 To foster a positive classroom community, we suggest allowing time for kids to share about themselves with one another.

Some kids may not feel comfortable sharing in front of the whole class, especially at the beginning of the year. For those kids feeling shy or nervous, sharing in small groups and/or partner sharing with turn and talk might be best. Then, you can come together for a whole group sharing time, asking for volunteers to share aloud.

👉🏼 After completing this activity, hang them up in the hallway for others to see! We guarantee that you administrators (and other teachers) will love how you’re blending first day of school activities with targeted phonological awareness skills that are necessary for literacy success.

👉🏼 This activity pairs perfectly with our Phonological Awareness Game activity.  It gets them up, engaged, and chatting with friends, while testing out their phonological awareness and phonics skills. The name game includes prompts that will challenge their rhyming, onset-rime, alliteration, syllable awareness, phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge!

Orange graphic with title "All About Me Worksheet - Science of Reading Version" with completed, colorful worksheet.

🖨 Download & Print

We’d love to hear about your experience using this resource and value your feedback!
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