Visual Discrimination Worksheets – Free Printables!

Get seven free printable visual discrimination worksheets, designed to help build and practice visual discrimination skills in your young learners! Download the free pdfs below.

As a reading teacher, I talk about visual discrimination a lot. I’ve been working with my first graders work on CH digraphs, and as they practice differentiating between CH and SH, they’re using auditory discrimination and visual discrimination.

But you might be wondering, what is visual discrimination exactly? Visual discrimination is an important pre-reading skill that must be developed early in a child’s life. Visual discrimination is all about noticing the details! Basically, children must train their eyes to notice the differences and similarities between the things they see.

This skill will eventually be transferred to reading when kids have to notice the difference between similar looking letters (p and q) and words (the and they). It also helps children when it comes to writing and proper letter formation.

Research shows that children with strong visual discrimination skills have greater success in reading and writing! That’s why we want to help children practice visual discrimination, through visual discrimination activities and worksheets designed to target that skill.

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Collage of close up of two children completing the scan sheets under plastic using a dry erase marker.

✍️ The Worksheets

  • Mini puzzles
  • Find the Match
  • What’s Missing?
  • Shape Sort
  • 3 Scan Sheets (lowercase d, lowercase b, and lowercase a)

Educational Focus

👉 These worksheets are designed for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade age children.

Just as children have to practice to develop fine and gross motor skills, they also have to practice to develop the muscles in their eyes. Training the eyes to notice details is what visual discrimination is all about. Children should practice noticing differences, similarities, and details between like things.

Graphic with 7 visual discrimination worksheets on a white background with brightly colored pencils, crayons, and more.

👀 Download the Visual Discrimination Practice Worksheets! 👀

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