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Months of the Year Worksheets – 5 Free Printables

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Get five free printable worksheets focused on learning all about the months of the year! Students will practice tracing and writing each month, putting months in the correct order, abbreviating the months, reading and completing sentences about the months, and coloring seasonal pictures.

Graphic with five months of the year worksheets on a purple background.

Why We Love It

These months of the year worksheets are an engaging way to work on base understanding of the 12 months of the year.

Students will work on ordering the months, writing and spelling the names of the months, abbreviating in numbers and letters, aligning months with seasons and holidays, and answering questions to confirm comprehension.

About the Worksheets

These five worksheets are great for students just beginning to learn the months of the year or who already have a grasp and just need a little refresher.

So grab a pencil, some crayons, scissors, and a glue stick, and you’ll be ready to go!

The finished worksheet with all the months cut out and placed in the correct order.

Cut & Paste Months of the Year in Order: Students cut out the months of the year, then place or glue them in the correct order in the numbered spaces provided.

The months of the year coloring worksheet with crayons.

Months of the Year Coloring: Students color in a recognizable picture to represent each month of the year.

The pictures are easy to recognize and can be used to further conversations about the weather, different holidays, and other special events that mark the months!

The finished Months of the Year Sentences worksheet with a blue pen.

Months of the Year Sentences: Students practice the months of the year by reading sentences and filling in the blank with the proper month.

They will answer what the current, previous, and next month is, what their favorite month is, when their birthday is, and what months they do and don’t attend school.

Finished worksheet with the months of the year traced then written out.

Tracing and Writing Months of the Year: Students will first trace and then write the months of the year using proper letter formation and capitalization.

This helps them familiarize children with spelling while they practice writing the words, which is sometimes strange (like the extra letter r in February)!

A child writing on the Months of the Year Abbreviations Worksheet.

Abbreviate the Months: Students will practice writing the number and abbreviation for each month.

This is important because children will often see dates written in numeric or abbreviated form in everyday life.

The months on this worksheet are listed out of order, so children really have to think to find the numeric answer!

Tips & Info

  • We like to introduce the months of the year and use these worksheets in the beginning of the school year, and then cover it again in early January!
  • A great way for children to start learning the months of the year in order is by singing a catchy song.

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